Fantasy Football Diary 12: Bring it on Emma Watson

Check out this week's matchups as there are plenty of playoff implications. Click on image to enlarge.

Check out this week’s matchups as there are plenty of playoff implications. Click on image to enlarge.

With only a three more games before the playoffs, the pressure to roll out wins is an all-time high in the All Pro Fantasy Football League. Despite a huge win over the Gamemakers last week, I still sit in a precarious fourth place at 6-4, sharing that record with three other teams that make up playoff seeds three through six.

Only the top six teams make the playoffs with a chance to win the All Pro League Trophy (cool trophy name selection is ongoing). I can assure you the Taggerungs management (myself) will settle for nothing less than a fourth straight playoff berth and a run at the title. The “Team of Destiny” deserves a run, but nothing comes easy in fantasy football. So, I face down team number seven this week in “Emma Watson”, formerly the Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos.

Silly Hats Club still sits atop the All Pro League, but it could be temporary as their team owner participated in some good-ole fashioned bragging assuring the rest of the league that it was the start of a Silly Hats dynasty. You need to understand that the All Pro League is comprised almost entirely of a very superstitious team owners who don’t brag or talk too much smack for fear of angering the Fantasy Football Gods. The Silly Hats Club has made an interesting power move in an attempt to rattle remaining teams, but it will remain to be seen how the Fantasy Gods response to this claim. That said, they do look pretty at 8-2 and first in the league. Second-place belongs to The Trumpeting Platypi and third to the ginger snaps due to tiebreakers against me. I am fourth with McTuffy and Da Steamrollers and The Xtacles filling out the preliminary roster spots. A win against me this week would put the seventh-place, Emma Watson, into playoff contention.

The current All Pro League standings:

I sit in 4th at 6-4. The ginger snaps win the head to head tiebreaker, but the Taggerungs have most any other tiebreaker with the highest points scored to this point. Click on image to enlarge.

I sit in 4th at 6-4. The ginger snaps win the head to head tiebreaker, but the Taggerungs have most any other tiebreaker with the highest points scored to this point. Click on image to enlarge.

The roster for the Taggerungs hasn’t changed much from last week. Now, is the time of the season where you can, potentially, begin planning for the Fantasy playoffs. Last week I wanted to drop Jake Locker, particularly after he suffered a season-ending injury, and pick up the Buccaneers D/ST for some extra points on Monday night. This week the Chiefs D/ST is matching up with Denver’s high-flying offense, but none of the defenses available were appealing enough to swap the Bucs D/ST for, so I took a flier on Michael Crabtree. He is supposed to be coming back from the PUP list and could be a factor during the fantasy playoffs. Hopefully it pays off, but if not, I can use him to pick up another player of need.

The Taggerungs roster as of Nov. 17:

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 3.10.25 AM


Last Week

Last week was a key victory for the Taggerungs over the Gamemakers, 119.62 – 97.78. The Gamemakers got great performances from Adrian Peterson, Demaryius Thomas and Russell Wilson, but had to deal with other players falling short, which culminated in the 12-point loss.

Click on image to enlarge.

Click on image to enlarge.

As for the Taggerungs, Nick Foles played very well for the second straight week. Hopefully this continues, as quarterback appears to be my weakest position with Matt Ryan only putting up 12 points. Zac Stacy and LeSean McCoy are must-start fantasy options and they both put up numbers that warrant that title. A.J. Green’s performance benefitted tremendously from his ridiculous hail mary catch, but I’m not complaining. T.Y. Hilton was solid, which is very promising. Keenan Allen is allowed to have an off game and Julius Thomas is very much allowed to keep putting up number like he did against the Chargers. Can’t complain with the performance as it was the highest total of the week in the All Pro League.

This Week

This week I play Emma Watson. Formerly the Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos, they are 5-5 and coming in with a two-game winning streak, ironically, after switching their name to “promote wins”. Emma Watson fields a pretty good team that is more than capable of beating any team in the league.

Robert Griffin III is in a great matchup against the defense-inept Philadelphia Eagles. That is bad news for me as that could turn into a shootout, which is good if McCoy and/or Foles score, but a shootout with RG3 scares me.

Danny Woodhead has been feast or famine while averaging solid points due to his high yard totals and the occasional touchdown or two. Marshawn Lynch is in one of the best, most favorable matchups I have ever seen with the terrible Vikings run defense visiting Seattle. Absolutely a terrible situation for me.

Jordy Nelson is still a great player even if Jarrett Boykin is technically getting more looks without Aaron Rodgers healthy. Dez Bryant will be subbed out by gametime for, most likely, Doug Baldwin, which is another element to that terrible (for my fantasy team) Vikings@Seahawks game. Vincent Jackson is also in a great matchup against the Falcons defense. Jackson will put up major points.

Rob Gronkowski is back and better than ever. Sebastian Janikowski can still kick and the Cardinals D/ST is visiting Jacksonville.

Click on image to enlarge.

Click on image to enlarge.

For the Taggerungs, Foles is part of that potential shootout with Washington. I have to play him because he has been so hot as of late.

McCoy, hopefully, benefits from taking on the Redskins defense again. He scored over 20 points in Week 1 against Washington. I am rolling with Giovani Bernard this week as I wait to see what Shane Vereen does in his return to the field following his short stint on short-term IR. Stacy is on a bye or he would be starting here.

Green has a tough matchup with Browns CB Joe Haden. Hilton, honestly, was more of a mistake than anything. I was considering starting Harry Douglas or Boykin, but didn’t change my roster before Thursday Night’s game. Hopefully Allen gets back on track against Miami. It isn’t a great matchup, but it may be hard to rationalize sitting Allen who is the clear number one receiver in San Diego.

Thomas, Hartley and the Chiefs D/ST are starting again for me this week.

This week is rough. Emma Watson has some of the best matchups I have faced all season, while some of my players aren’t nearly as favorable in their matchups. I might need some luck this week as it doesn’t look great on paper. However, this is a huge game in the playoff picture. A lot of pressure this week, so once again, Ray Lewis’ pump-up speech…

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