Fantasy Football Diary 11: Can I Transfer Points?

With the playoffs closing in, other matchups occurring across the All Pro League take on new meaning. Click on image to enlarge.

With the playoffs closing in, other matchups occurring across the All Pro League take on new meaning. Click on image to enlarge.

I broke my poor two-game losing streak and I am very happy about that. I needed a win and got it behind a solid team performance and great individual games from starting players, but there is one thing I can’t help, but wish…

Why can’t I transfer points? The Taggerungs put up the most points in the league last week against the team that scored the least. Now, this week I play the Gamemakers, who possess Adrian Peterson, and I really would have been fine with just barely pulling off the win last week and saving those points for a week where my players fail to produce. Instead, I was able to celebrate a fantastic and very valuable victory, even with my two biggest point-getters on the bench, only to have to sit and just hope that my team puts up enough points in a matchup where I will probably need top player performances. I do realize that this is a major “First-World Problem”, but still… it’s rough.

With the Taggerung’s much needed win last week, I sit at 5-4 and 5th in the league. Now, with only four more games to go, the playoffs are quickly closing in. The All Pro League takes the top-6, so I need to keep pushing forward with my team. There is still a ton of talent in the Taggerungs, but inconsistent play and other issues have, and could continue to, doom the warrior otters.

The Silly Hats Club still resides in first at 7-2. The Trumpeting Platypi and McTuffy and Da Steamrollers are 6-4 and are second and third, respectively. I am 5-4 with the ginger snaps, but they own the tiebreaker due to my terrible loss a couple weeks ago (we don’t talk about that anymore…).

The All Pro League Standings:

The Taggerungs are 5-4 and looking to close in on the top-ranked Silly Hats Club at 7-2 this week. Click on image to enlarge.

The Taggerungs are 5-4 and looking to close in on the top-ranked Silly Hats Club at 7-2 this week. Click on image to enlarge.

The Taggerungs’ roster has, and will continue to, change as Sunday’s games get closer. The big issue is that I don’t want to drop the Chiefs D/ST. They have been consistently the top unit in the NFL and are clearly, by far, the top D/ST in the realm of fantasy football. However, my team is rather deep and I don’t have a tremendous amount of players to drop for a defense such as the Rams D/ST or any lesser defense. They are pretty picked over in this league.

I did drop Kyle Rudolph, who was fantastic last week at filling in for Julius Thomas, but Rudolph was injured in the process and is out for a couple weeks. There is no point for me to hold onto him until he comes back, so I picked up Nick Foles. Foles let me down two weeks ago, but after seven touchdowns in Oakland and my awful quarterback production from Matt Ryan, who isn’t quite droppable yet, I felt I needed to grab another, high-potential option. I still have Jake Locker, who has a good matchup this week, but I felt I needed Foles.

The Taggerungs roster as of Nov. 9:

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 10.43.57 AM


Last Week

I beat the Cuban Raft Riders, 121.40-64.28, in large part thanks to a couple players who were on their bye week for the Raft Riders. Drew Brees was a little under his usual production and Jamaal Charles was under double-digits, but with three players on a bye, it was a losing battle.

Click on image to enlarge.

Click on image to enlarge.

For the Taggerungs, Locker was an under-performer, yet was still better than Ryan, which is a problem going forward. LeSean McCoy finally put up double-digit points again and Giovani Bernard was incredible on Thursday. A.J. Green is playing consistently. As is Keenan Allen. Rudolph and Hartley were solid, the Chiefs were incredible. Boykin underperformed, which was unfortunate with T.Y. Hilton going for 30 points in the bench, but obviously wasn’t the end of the world. Zac Stacy was incredible on the bench, but with his injury concern going into last week I felt I had no choice, but to sit him.

This Week

This week I play The Gamemakers who are on a six-game losing streak after starting 3-0. They sit in 9th, but still possess solid starters and have Adrian Peterson on the roster, who already put up nearly 20 points. The Gamemakers are still a dangerous team that had looked poised for a major postseason run at the early part of the season.

Russell Wilson is a solid play this week in Atlanta. I can only hope he struggles on the road, but when he played in Atlanta last postseason, he was very difficult to stop and the Falcons defense has only gotten worse.

Peterson has already done his damage this week. Montee Ball isn’t in a great matchup with the likelihood for a bunch of offensive fireworks through the air, but knowing my luck, he will reel in a quick touchdown or two at some point.

Demaryius Thomas is a likely beneficiary of that high-scoring offensive shootout in San Diego. Jacoby Jones doesn’t have the greatest matchup in Cincinnati, but that game will be close and Jones won’t be shut out. Jerricho Cotchery has been a surprising contributor for the Steelers and the Bills may be unable to keep the Steelers offense out of the endzone.

Zach Miller could double-dip points with Wilson, making me hate my life. The Seahawks D/ST is the exact reason why I am not starting suddenly interception-prone Matt Ryan.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

My quarterback situation is a ongoing discussion. Locker is starting here in the current Gamecenter, but I am truly torn on playing him or Foles. Locker has a wonderful matchup against the Jaguars, but there is a real possibility that the Titans don’t need Locker to do much of anything because of how bad the Jaguars defense really is. So… I either could get a 30-point game from him, like the Jaguars allowed Colin Kaepernick when I played against Scoregasm and lost… or I get much, much less because the Jaguars are so ridiculously awful… I hate the Jaguars. Foles is playing Green Bay, but that isn’t really the story. Outside of that one week I trusted him this season, he has performed very well when given the opportunity, including a seven touchdown game last week. Which Foles do I get? I really don’t know what I’m going to do here. I know Ryan isn’t starting though.

McCoy and Stacy are essentially must-starts this week. McCoy because he is ridiculously talented and Stacy because he has been playing like a man possessed the past couple weeks.

Green is a must-start. Hilton looks to be taking over Reggie Wayne’s targets and touchdowns. I like that. Allen is in what figures to be a shootout against Denver.

Thomas is in the same boat as Allen. Hartley is my kicker. Not much more to say about him.

The Chiefs D/ST is on a bye week, which sucks because I can’t drop them. So, I am going to roll the dice. I am going to leave them on bye and let the weekend play out. If my team is struggling, I will have to drop either Locker, Foles or Ryan (if you have a suggestion, please provide them in the comments below) to pick up a defense playing late (the only available defense is Tampa Bay’s). It is risky, but hopefully I don’t need them.

It is a bit of a nerve-raking week with issues surrounding my defense and trying to pick the best quarterback, not to mention, the pressure of just trying to keep pace with the rest of the league (I’m looking at you Silly Hats Club). I have decided to use a little motivational video to help me through the week. Enjoy.

Let’s see what the “Team of Destiny” can do…

Author: Blaine

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