Fantasy Football Diary 10: I Give Up

The Taggerungs currently sit in 6th at 4-4. I am two games back from the league leading  Silly Hats Club at 6-2. Click on image to enlarge.

The Taggerungs currently sit in 6th at 4-4. I am two games back from the league leading Silly Hats Club at 6-2. Click on image to enlarge.

I have lost yet again.

Not, because I simply played the wrong players, or because my opponent, once again, tallied up point after point in a demoralizing defeat.

Nope. The Taggerungs just sucked.

My team put up their lowest total of the season, despite being the favorite to win my fifth game of the season, but now I sit at 4-4, currently 6th in the All Pro League. My stumble from top in the league is, hopefully, just a temporary setback, but it drives me crazy to see the talent on my roster, yet have back to back weeks where that talent doesn’t produce what you would expect. I have no reason to panic yet, but I could really use a win or two to feel like the mighty Taggerungs are back on track.

Around the league, the Silly Hats Club sits at 6-2, leading the All Pro League. The ginger snaps are still second at 5-3, but they have been joined by The Trumpeting Platypi, The Xtacles and McTuffy and da Steamrollers at 5-3. If I want to make actual progress in the league standings, I am going to need some help from other teams who must try to pull out a win against these hot teams. It’s never simple, is it?

The Taggerungs roster is essentially the same this week. The only addition was Jake Locker. Locker has been putting up great numbers over his last couple games and with Matt Ryan struggling due to the lack of receiving options, I think Locker could be an essential pickup down the stretch for when they play Jacksonville twice…etc. To pick up Locker, I dropped Anquan Boldin, who while talented, wasn’t doing anything for me from my suddenly deep, hard to predict receiver position. He is also on a bye this week, so there was even less incentive for me to hold onto him.

The Taggerungs as of Nov. 3:

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 10.01.58 AM

Last Week

Where to begin… the Jaguars were awful at containing Colin Kaepernick as he put up 27 points almost exclusively in the first half. Jimmy Graham was solid as ever and the Broncos D/ST was irrelevant against the Redskins until the very end of the game and then they ended with 20 points of their own by the game’s conclusion. Everyone else was just piling on the suffering. Those three starters beat my team by themselves.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

For my team, Matt Ryan was awful, throwing four interceptions. I should have known that the lack of Julio Jones and Roddy White was going to affect his performance at some point.

LeSean McCoy and Giovani Bernard combined for just over eight points, which is painful knowing their matchups. I don’t know why the Eagles didn’t feature McCoy after Vick went down to injury.

Harry Douglas and A.J. Green kept producing and even Jarrett Boykin was solid with 89 receiving yards.

Julius Thomas got injured. They say it isn’t a long-term thing, but still hurt last week.

Garrett Hartley and the Chiefs D/ST were just overall disappointments from a fantasy perspective.

This Week

I play the Cuban Raft Riders this week. They are 3-5 on a two-game losing streak. There is a lot of talent on their team, but their starting lineup, that is missing a couple starting positions due to bye weeks, hasn’t been updated to this point, so I may benefit from that. Then again, it may not matter as the players who are playing could produce big.

Drew Brees is a must-start and should put up mid-twenties type points.

Jamaal Charles is a fantastic player and is in a favorable matchup against the Bills. He could be a big factor. Frank Gore, who is on bye, is starting at the other spot at the time of this post. Jonathan Stewart or Chris Ivory could be put in the starting lineup by gametime.

Denarius Moore has been hot and is playing the Eagles. He could get a touchdown and around 14 points. Dwayne Bowe has been quiet this season, but, again, plays the Bills this week, so jury is out on how effective he could be. Hakeem Nicks is on a bye, so Greg Little or Lance Moore could be playing for the Raft Riders this week.

Greg Olson is playing a bad Falcons defense.

Matt Prater is on bye and the Bears D/ST play the Packers on Monday night.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

The Taggerungs had a strong start to the week on Thursday night, which may allow me to make some more “gut-call” moves.

The first one is Jake Locker in at quarterback over Ryan. Locker has been productive in his last couple games hitting over 19 points in each.

McCoy is a must-start and Bernard had a great game against Miami with 22.40 points. Hopefully that sort of production continues in the weeks to come. I have to admit that it was a close call for me between him and Zac Stacy, but the matchup and Stacy’s injury tilted it to the Bengals rookie.


I’m looking to see if Locker continues to produce while Ryan adjusts to life without his top wideouts.

Green had a solid game with double-digit points in his third straight game. I am starting Keenan Allen against the Redskins in what is a favorable matchup. I have Boykin starting at this point, but I may be subbing T.Y. Hilton or Douglas in before gametime. Hilton is supposed to take on a greater role with Reggie Wayne out for the year and Douglas is the only offensive outlet for the Falcons.

Kyle Rudolph is a start that I’m not excited about, but he isn’t a terrible play. I’m just hoping for a touchdown, which is essentially the extent of his fantasy potential.

Hartley and the Chiefs D/ST are starting for me. Hopefully the Chiefs can produce against the Bills.

The Taggerungs need a win this week to stop the bleeding. My team is still talented and can produce, but if they continue to underperform, there isn’t much I can do. I really hope to see the production my team is capable of.

Author: Blaine

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