Blaine – Football Fan Source creator/writer

I have followed football for years.

I love it.

I love to watch it and dissect every element of it. I find myself desperately wishing for the regular season during the offseason as I follow every second of the scouting combine, free agency, the NFL draft on into the heat of the summer and training camp. I haven’t seen everything there is to see about the NFL and I don’t know everything there is to know, but I want to learn everything I can and I think I have a lot to offer with what I do know. I am currently a college student, learning about sports journalism before I am thrown out into the real world. This initially began as a summer, “might look good on the resume” project, but I soon realized that I had a passion for writing about football. I have some playing experience, but most of my experience comes from religiously watching, dissecting and learning about the game. While everyone has something that just “clicks” with them and makes sense, mine is football. I realize I can always learn more, but I think I have a valuable perspective to add to the growing world of opinions. I am only one man who can only cover so much, but I love to learn, so feel free to contact me (footballfansource@gmail.com) with questions or simply if you would like to talk football.

My name is Blaine and I have created Football Fan Source for everyone like me. This is for everyone who wants to know as much as they can about their team. This is for the fans who find themselves scouring the web for anything about their favorite team even during the down time of the offseason. Football Fan Source is the database all football fans need. I have compiled hundreds of continuously updating feeds into an easy to use format allowing fans to see articles as they are posted across the web. Team pages also provide a multitude of resources to other information including statistics, the team schedule and roster. Fantasy football fans also have access to a wide range of information that will help anyone in their pursuit for their league trophy. Other pages include information on the NFL draft and general NFL news.

I also have taken to writing about the NFL. My blog entries include topics that I find interesting that may interest fans and more analysis driven posts where I provide my perspective on a particular topic. As I said above, I love football with a passion and can never know enough about it. If there is something you disagree/agree with or don’t understand, please feel free to comment. I simply want to start educated discussion about anything football.

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