NFL Expert Predictions: Week 16

Last week I finished at 9-7 in the NFL Expert Predictions. Could have been better, but some of those games simply seemed impossible to predict (I’m looking at you New Orleans…). Now the interesting part of all this, is that Clay, who had the virtual coin toss make his selections, was actually the most accurate predictor at 12-4. So it is settled. Choosing completely at random can be as effective as trying to correct this season with logic and reason. I just don’t even understand… The other experts finished as follows…

Blaine – Total heading into last week: 21-11

Last week: 9-7

Eric – Total heading into last week: 26-6

Last week: 8-8

John – Total heading into last week: 16-16

Last week: 11-5

Willy T – Total heading into last week: 21-11

Last week: 10-6

Chad – Total heading into last week: 19-13

Last week: 8-8

Clay – Total heading into last week: 18-14

Last week: 12-4

Mattie – Total heading into last week: 20-12

Last week: 9-7

Bryce – Total heading into last week: 23-9

Last week: 7-9

Chad is, once again, being picked by a virtual coin toss, which may explain why he seems to be “going against the grain” so much. Yes, this also means 2/3 of his predictions have been made at the hands of the coin toss. He may be getting a name change next week…

If you would like to read about why I picked the way I did, please consult my Week 16 NFL Predictions for the full explanations. Without further ado, our Expert Picks…

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 10.12.40 AM

Author: Blaine

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