Fantasy Football Diary 17: I Just Don’t Even Care Anymore

I’m done with this.

The stress, the turmoil… the ongoing frustration steaming from this fantasy football season. The season is officially over following Monday night’s game when a champion will be crowned for the All Pro League, but, for me, the season is over. I will play out my potential ninth-place finish – yes… ninth-place – but I just don’t even care anymore.

The league is wrapping up with matchups taking place all over the league, headlined by the All Pro League Championship game between The Trumpeting Platypi and Emma Watson. The Trumpeting Platypi are looking for their third championship in four years and the team known as Emma Watson is looking for their first. Emma Watson was formerly known as the Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos and the Kangaroos are credited with the only other championship.

So, this year’s matchup features two returning champions duking it out for supremacy in the All Pro League while everyone else works out where the rest of the field will fall. Both brackets and this week’s matchups are in the galleries below.

Championship Bracket

Consolation Bracket

I personally am in the ninth-place game against The Gamemakers after I fell to the Cuban Raft Riders last week… There is more on that later.

The Taggerungs’ roster has not changed, so the following is how the Taggerungs are ending the season of turmoil.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 3.28.34 AM

Last Week

Last week I fell to The Cuban Raft Riders, 112.82-115.92, in another heart-breaking fashion. I really don’t want to spend too much time on this, so let me simply sum it up with…

Jamaal Charles.

Yes, I only lost by three points to a team that got 51.50 points from Mr. Charles…

How does that even happen? Nonetheless, last week continues to epitomize my fantasy season. I just don’t have anything else to say about this…

Click on image to enlarge

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This Week

This week is The Gamemakers. I beat The Gamemakers 119.62-97.78 in Week 10, but obviously that was when I still had an ounce of hope and happiness surrounding this entire experience.

Russell Wilson may be forced to play a larger role than usual against the Cardinals top rush defense.

Jordan Todman is probably worth double-digit points (12-15) and Adrian Peterson is amazing as long as he plays. He is currently questionable and doesn’t have a great matchup with Cincinnati, but again… it’s Peterson.

Eddie Royal is also questionable. Robert Woods could be a good contributor and Demaryius Thomas is a threat to put up huge point totals.

Andrew Quarless is feast or famine.

Robbie Gould and the Seahawks D/ST are considered top-tier of their respective positions.

Click on image to enlarge

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For the Taggerungs, Nick Foles has been incredible as of late (yet my team has been losing…), so I’m going with him again.

LeSean McCoy and Giovani Bernard are in great matchups against Chicago and Minnesota, respectively.

A.J. Green is also in a great matchup against the Vikings. Jarrett Boykin could get me eight to ten points or next to nothing. Keenan Allen has been a playmaker for me all season and that should continue against the Raiders.

Julius Thomas is worth a touchdown.

Nick Novak and the Chiefs D/ST are also considered top-tier in their positions. The Chiefs could be huge point-getters once again.


I can only hope to end the season on a winning note. If the Taggerungs can’t pull it out this week, a team name change could be in the works, but for now… let’s face it… I just don’t even care anymore…



Author: Blaine

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