Fantasy Football Diary 16: Refocus

As I have tried to thoroughly document to this point, the mighty Taggerungs are not in the running for the All Pro League Championship this season. After dropping three consecutive games to finish out the season, I missed out on the sixth seed by one game. So, I now am competing in the Consolation bracket, fighting for seventh-place.

Yay! Seventh-place!


Nonetheless, we play fantasy football to compete, so I will see this season through.

With the real playoffs also in full swing, I will try to provide a more involved look in on those matchups. There is an image gallery at the bottom of this post with each Gamecenter of every game around the league, but until then, I will be selfish and just talk about things relating to my team. I want to point out now, that my roster has not changed since my last post, so there are no adds or drops to inform you of. I’m riding out the season on the shoulders of my team to demonstrate that they would have won it all if I had gotten into the playoffs.

The All Pro League playoffs lay out as follows in both brackets in the NFL’s Week 15.

Championship Bracket

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 3.05.25 AM


Consolation Bracket

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 3.07.13 AM

From Two Weeks Ago

Once again, I was not happy to lose two weeks ago, so I ultimately decided it best to take my first-round bye week off and let myself calm down before approaching this painful memory. So, without further ado, let’s revisit my loss to The Xtacles…

I lost, 80.68-99.32. With the loss, I dropped to 6-7 on the season and The Xtacles moved to 7-6. Hernandez is my body guard was 6-7, like both of our teams, heading into the final week, but Hernandez is my body lost, so… with a win, I would have moved on… however, I lost and The Xtacles moved on.

It was a sad matchup because there were solid contributions on both sides, but my team simply didn’t live up to their skill level, while The Xtacles got balanced games from most everyone who was expected to play well.

Alex Smith put together a relatively uncharacteristic game for him, but now a couple weeks removed, we are seeing the Chiefs opening up their offense, so his game wasn’t necessarily an anomaly.

Chris Johnson and Rashad Jennings had about 16 points each. Jennings could have done nothing if he hadn’t had two touchdowns on Thanksgiving day.

The Bengals D/ST and Blair Walsh were other double-digit scorers, but both were within what you would expect from both.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

On my end, things are a little more aggravating.

Nick Foles was solid, again. He has been carrying my team lately, but unfortunately it is only getting me losses.

LeSean McCoy and Zac Stacy were in tough matchups, so their low numbers were somewhat expected. It hurts to see Steven Jackson score 20 points on the bench. Even Shane Vereen put up more than both my starters, but I never would have benched McCoy and Jackson was so inconsistent all season.

A.J. Green was fantastic again, but I needed a superstar performance this week. Jarrett Boykin was a victim of an anemic Packers offense on Thanksgiving day, but seriously? Not one catch? Keenan Allen epitomized my entire season with a great statistical game marred by a fumble that the league subtracts two points for.

My super sleeper luck with tight ends continues to work for me. I picked up LaDarius Green despite Antonio Gates being healthy and he put up 10.50 points for me. It was wasted this week, but I was happy the call worked out.

Garrett Hartley and the Cowboys D/ST were disappointing. I can’t say much more with that.

Last Week

I had a bye week, but I think it is worth noting that on my bye, and what would have been a first-round matchup if I had made the playoffs, my team scored 145.96 points, which was by far the highest total in the league last week. That means, I would have beaten any team I played last week, but instead it meant nothing.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

For those who are interested, The Xtacles fell in their first-round matchup to McTuffy and Da Steamrollers, 68.38-76.90… It would have been nice to have the opportunity and that win.

This Week

This week I matchup with The Cuban Raft Riders. I have matched up with them once before this season, defeating the Raft Riders, 121.40-64.28. This week… well… we are playing for a chance to play for seventh-place.

The Raft Riders are led by Drew Brees, who has a nice looking matchup in St. Louis. The Rams are a different team at home, but it really doesn’t matter what they do, Brees will put up points.

Jamaal Charles has a nice matchup with Oakland and Charles is the top fantasy back this season. Frank Gore has Tampa Bay. I expect the 49ers to use Gore to set the tone against a solid, but not elite, Buccaneers defense.

Hakeem Nicks and Denarius Moore have bad matchups. Nicks has Seattle, which, on paper, looks like a worst-case scenario. Moore is also in that Oakland-Kansas City game. The Chiefs defense is still great as long as Tamba Hali is at least rushing the passer.

Greg Olson is a hard fantasy tight end to gauge and he has the Jets. I wouldn’t be surprised with around 8 points from him.

Matt Prater already put up 8 points and the Bears D/ST has Cleveland. If Brandon Weeden is forced to play for the Browns, in any scenario, that is bad news for me as the Bears D/ST would rack up the points.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

For the Taggerungs, Foles and McCoy are sitting in great matchups against the Vikings porous defense. It is also indoors, which has to be nice for the Eagles players after playing in the snowstorm last week, even if McCoy had one of his best games of the season in the blizzard.

I have Vereen in as my second running back right now, but that is subject to change to… well… any of my other guys (excluding Dennis Johnson). Vereen figures to be a huge part of the offense going forward for the Patriots, particularly in the passing game. Stacy has New Orleans, but I think the Saints may get out to a lead quickly, which hinders Stacy’s potential impact on the game and my fantasy roster. Giovani Bernard had a great fantasy game the last time Pittsburgh played the Bengals, but Bernard is so hard to trust week-in and week-out. Jackson can put up big numbers on my bench again (and he probably will) because I don’t trust him.

Green is always shut down by Dick LeBeau and the Steelers defense and I expect that to continue, despite the Steelers’ struggles this season. I think I’m taking T.Y. Hilton this week as my third receiver. His big-play potential could be a huge factor in the game against Houston. Plus, Hilton’s best game this season came against the Texans. I’m also a little salty about Boykin’s zero he gave me two weeks ago and don’t feel I can trust anyone on the Falcons. Allen already put up 14.90 points in an efficient fantasy game.

Julius Thomas had a down game, but almost 5 points is better than nothing.

Nick Novak had 9 points and the Chiefs D/ST will put up 20+ point games now that I have nothing really to play for, just because.

Trust me it will happen.

Now, while I am certainly trying to win out, I know the bigger story is the true playoffs, so the gallery below should outline where the All Pro League is right now.

Author: Blaine

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