Taking the Ferry to the Lombardi Kingdom

There is a dock at the edge of the Realm that takes the playoff teams to the Promised Land of the Playoffs. As you may know, a few teams have already locked up their tickets for passage on these boats, relaxing and reveling in their successes this season. On the AFC side of the dock, the Broncos and the Colts have run wild and trotted their way onto the boats, with the Patriots in hot pursuit. The Patriots, Bengals, and the Chiefs have the ability to wrap up their playoff tickets this week as well. However, there remain a few teams in a skirmish behind the four big names here that are all fighting to get to the ticket booth first.

The Defending Champions: The Baltimore Ravens suffered some huge losses on the Defensive side of the ball last year, while paying Flacco an enormous sum of money for “unjustified” reasons. However, they apparently made the teams that have their tickets punched upset, as they will have to reach the dock gates and battle through the Lions, Patriots, and Bengals to try to secure their ticket.

The Surprise of the Decade: The Miami Dolphins are the little kingdom that could this year, holding onto a 7-6 record and looking to make it to the ticket booth soon. They will have to finish the season with a better record than the Ravens, however, as the Ravens currently hold them as prisoners of lost wars.

The Long Shots: The San Diego Chargers are riding the impressive throwing ability of Phillip Rivers to try to reach the dock. At 6-7, the team is struggling to keep up with the rest of the pursuers in the AFC dominion, but with Robin Hood at the helm slinging passes all over the field in the blink of an eye, the Chargers may have a chance to shock the world and make the playoff dock before the Dolphins and the Ravens…as long as they can outsmart the big dog in the AFC: The Denver Broncos.


There is a dock at the edge of the Realm, and on the other end of that dock, the ships rest in the harbor waiting to ferry the NFC teams to the Promised Land across the water. Currently, only one team in the NFC has locked up their spot, the Seattle Seahawks.  This opens up a huge battle just outside of the Dock gates, many of them being divisional games that are battles for superiority in their regions. There is the possibility of three West teams being in the playoffs, depending on how things shake out, while the Lions and Bears are fighting for King of the Animal Kingdom. The Saints are fighting the young guns of Carolina to win their region.

The Runner-Ups: The San Francisco 49ers have battled their way into contention after a rough start at the beginning of the year. Their kingdom was bitter about their last trip to the Lombardi Kingdom and struggled to win battles at the beginning of the year. At 9-4, they have found themselves close to the dock trying to defend their position from their rivals, the Cardinals.

Using their Claws: The Lions of Detroit are currently the leaders in their Region (division) and are attempting to remain there. They fought their last battle in a blizzard and couldn’t utilize their entire repertoire of weapons. Their main target of combat is coming from the Chicago Bears. The Lions are trying to bring a new banner back to their kingdom, the first of its kind since the region was restructured, and one that they haven’t had since ’93.

“The Realm’s Team”: The Dallas Cowboys have always been magical in November and a debacle in December. It doesn’t appear to have changed much this season, as they are struggling to defeat the other armies in their way. Romo and his offense are fairly decent at putting up imposing offensives, while DeMarcus Ware and the defense are struggling to push back against their opposition. If they can get this figured out, they may end up on the boats yet, but they have to get over the December curse.


Needless to say, the Realm is on a crash course for excitement and action as the departure date from the dock closes in. The King in the Lombardi Kingdom will be watching closely to see who shows up on his shores and battles to get to the gates of his kingdom of annually changing climate. We’re thinking this year that the climate is going to blustery and white, something not usually associated with the Lombardi Championship. Come stars or snow, the championship should be entertaining.


Author: Eric

Aloha Sports Fans! My name is Eric and I have been friends with Blaine ever since he moved to my home town in eighth grade. Together we sat around talking and bouncing opinions off of each other about everything sports related. So when he started this website, I was a big advocate and now a writer. While Blaine covers the majority of the content, including everything serious, I like to give a satirical outlook on the weeks as they go by and some of the more peculiar things that happen during the season. And yes, there is definite research and football knowledge behind my posts, it just shows up in bizarre forms as the Magical Realm of the NFL took shape last year. Finally, just because it is fun to brag, I dominated the expert predictions last year and you can follow my certain fall from grace this season on that page as well.

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