Fantasy Football Diary 15: Serious Business

funny-otter-evil-face2I lost and now the Taggerungs sit in the Consolation bracket of the All Pro League playoffs merely playing for pride.

To add more frustration to this anger and disappointment, I am only the second seed, with a first-round bye, in the Consolation bracket behind Hernandez is my body guard, who did lose, opening the door for the winner of my game against The Xtacles to move into the sixth and final seed of the All Pro League playoffs.

I did not take advantage of that opportunity with my team falling flat on their face, yet again, leaving me to stew in anger, hate and blind fury.

Be warned.

Obviously, I did not deem it necessary to get a post up this past weekend, because…frankly … I was rather frustrated about how things worked out and thought I would use my bye week to gather myself and prepare for the second season, aka the postseason, even if it is only the Consolation bracket part of the playoffs.

I know I shouldn’t care as much as I do, but yet I feel I have no choice. I make calls that I deem as being smart, only to see my opponent go off despite my team’s clear advantage. I know what I am doing, yet must confront the reality that despite my best efforts, things did not work out. The fact of the matter is that nearly three months ago, I sat in a room with my opponents. Friends. Sitting around discussing the upcoming season without a care in the world, thinking we all had it figured out. By the end of the night, my team… my “team of destiny”… faced down one of the most promising seasons I have seen playing fantasy football. No major weaknesses. Star players abound. With a crack, the storm that is fantasy football season barreled in… setting the stage for the inevitable and yet, oh so unbelievable.

The season began with that clear display of promise… prospect. Even a rocky first couple weeks left the Taggerungs above the All Pro League, displaying the team depth and star power to make the playoffs where their potential would be realized. However, things are never that easy. The storm of the season struck.

Injuries hit. Players underachieved. The mighty fantasy football gods imposed their will, allowing players who did nothing all season to suddenly perform like All-Pros against the valiant Taggerungs. One miss here… another week where my team depth was too much to predict. Another player goes off on the bench.

Another injury.

Despite the season’s promise, the storm continued to torment and ravage my psyche as the season of promise and destiny seemed to slip away into the darkness. In weeks I won, I scored more than any other team in that week. In the weeks I lost… I was in the bottom-four point scorers. I made smart waiver-wire pickups. I made smart start ’em, sit ’em picks, and yet… the howling winds of October and November tore down the “Team of Destiny” with no-name bench players suddenly making me second-guess my weekly roster adjustments. With three weeks remaining, I just had to win any of the very winnable games. I just needed the storm to let up. I just needed a break… just one break. A season above .500 just needed one more win. Fighting for first most of the season meant nothing, now it was about just having the opportunity to surprise in the closing weeks… the playoffs.

The floor fell out from underneath.

Three straight losses. Three straight opportunities… gone… leaving nothing left, but my once promising team… left sitting… playing for pride… knowing that the real goal was within reach, but yet so unattainable even in my most desperate of hours. Despite the struggles… the torment… I know this team is the top team. I look forward to seeing the Fantasy Gods show off my team’s potential in the proceeding weeks with high point totals. I have nothing left to lose.

For those of the Consolation Bracket, heed this warning.

The Taggerungs are not to be trifled with.

You have been warned.

Courtesy of - Brian Garfinkel

Courtesy of – Brian Garfinkel

Author: Blaine

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