Fantasy Football 14: Time to Make the Playoffs

The Taggerungs sit in eighth, still with an outside shot to make the playoffs - Click on image to enlarge.

The Taggerungs sit in eighth, still with an outside shot to make the playoffs – Click on image to enlarge.

Last week ended in a loss, yet again, meaning my second-straight loss and suddenly my Taggerungs team sits at 6-6, on the outside looking in of the All Pro League playoffs. The season with so much promise is suddenly down to a couple final, Week 13 matchups to decide if the Taggerungs will reach the playoffs for my fourth straight season.

The pressure is on.

In recent weeks, I have mentioned the Fantasy Football Gods. These all-powerful, all-knowing Gods who decide our Fantasy Football fate (I promise I’m not crazy). After playing multiple sports growing up, I have become highly superstitious, even going so far as to wear jerseys of my favorite team’s opponents because if put on at the right time, I was undefeated for nearly two seasons. That’s the sort of superstitious I refer to. In many of my other leagues, I have found substantially more success than in the All Pro League, which unfortunately is my one true Fantasy Football love, so I have done some personal reflection and found that I have put too much power in the hands of the Fantasy Gods. It is time to break free and confidently lead my team to a win this weekend. I am confident in my team’s ability. They are talented and each and every player can put up big numbers this week. I expect one or two to do so, thus freeing me from the hold of the superstition surrounding the Fantasy Football Gods and their inevitable influence on success in this league.

Long story short… I’m going to try to stop second guessing myself and confidently set my lineup trusting the team I have assembled.

“Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.” – Vince Lombardi

With the loss last week, the Taggerungs fell to 6-6 and are currently tied with Hernandez is my body guard, the ginger snaps and The Xtacles. All four teams are fighting for the fifth and sixth playoff spots.

I play The Xtacles. A win and a little help, meaning a loss to either of the two other 6-6 teams, and I make the playoffs. A loss and the season is most likely over given the Taggerungs losing head-to-head record against Hernandez is my body guard and the ginger snaps. It’s a lot easier to simply win and hope for a loss. Technically, there is some debate over the tiebreaker, despite me being the league commissioner, but some variation of head-to-head record and “points scored” appear to be the current tiebreaker. The debate comes in that this week’s current standings have the Taggerungs in eighth behind The Xtacles, despite a head-to-head win in Week 3 and more points scored on the season.

Nonetheless, that should work itself out this week. Across the league, the most important matchups, as far as I’m concerned, are between the 8-4 McTuffy and Da Steamrollers and 6-6 Hernandez is my body guard, as well as, the matchup between the 6-6 ginger snaps and the 5-7 Cuban Raft Riders. The full schedule for this week can be found below with scores as of Saturday night (including Thanksgiving day games).

Week 13 Matchups - Click on image to enlarge.

Week 13 Matchups – Click on image to enlarge.

The Taggerungs roster has experienced some changes. I’m sick of Trent Richardson and dropped him for Dennis Johnson. Johnson could be getting “let’s see what this guy can offer” carries in the coming weeks, while Richardson is just playing awful. I also dropped John Carlson for the Cowboys D/ST, hoping to benefit from a favorable matchup against the Raiders on Thursday. Unfortunately, they only managed four points. I still have the Chiefs D/ST even with their injuries at rush linebacker/end (Tamba Hali and Justin Houston), but they are on a short leash. The roster could see some whole-scale changes come next week depending on postseason position.

The Taggerungs’ roster as of Dec. 1:

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 5.11.14 AM

Last Week

Last week, I fell 71.28 – 87.42 to Hernandez is my body guard. The loss was similar to week’s past where one player, or team in this case, explodes for an uncharacteristic number of points because of a terrible opponent. This week was the Steelers D/ST, who have struggled as season as both a NFL defense and a fantasy defense, but last week they accounted for 23 points in large part because of Brandon Weeden. Solid performances were dished out by other players, but my Taggerungs should have had enough to pull this one out, especially with Hernandez is my body guard leaving one receiver spot open that was going to be filled by the 18.70 point performance by Mike Wallace.

Click on image to enlarge.

Click on image to enlarge.

I knew it was going to be a rough week with a number of key players on a bye week. Matt Ryan didn’t do enough. Zac Stacy was looking like he was going to single-handedly win this game for me, but then suffered a concussion. Jarrett Boykin was solid, as was Keenan Allen and even Shane Vereen. T.Y. Hilton has been a disappointment recently. Carlson was as you would expect from a late-add tight end in a picked over 12-team league with expanded benches. The Chiefs D/ST is worthless now without their pass rushers and last week demonstrated that.

This Week

This week is The Xtacles. I beat them in Week 3, but was week’s ago with both teams on dramatically different paths as of late. They are currently dealing with the loss of Aaron Rodgers, so Alex Smith is the starter. He has a great matchup on paper with Denver, but the Chiefs offense has yet to really let the passing attack take off this season.

Chris Johnson is in a favorable matchup with Indianapolis, but you have to figure the Colts are playing for pride at this point, after getting scorched by Johnson early in their matchup a couple weeks ago and now the Colts’ subsequent struggles. Rashad Jennings didn’t do much, but put in two touchdowns to a 16.30 point game. That’s a solid total, but it could have been worse (opponents of DeMarco Murray this week will know what I’m talking about).

Golden Tate is worth a touchdown. Wes Welker has been quiet as of late, but as previously mentioned, the Chiefs defense isn’t the same team that shut him down two weeks ago. Victor Cruz has been a bit “feast or famine” this season and has a great matchup with Washington’s pass defense.

Jason Witten was average with 5.3 points on Thursday.

Blair Walsh is still a great fantasy kicker and the Bengals D/ST has a middle-of-the-road matchup with San Diego.

Click on image to enlarge.

Click on image to enlarge.

I have Nick Foles back in my lineup. Ryan has a more favorable matchup with Buffalo, but Foles will continue his success this season coming off a key bye week leading into a tough game against the Cardinals defense. I simply can’t trust Ryan with Foles’ upside.

LeSean McCoy is an instant starter. He could struggle to pile up yards, but he could optimistically play a huge role in the red zone (as you would expect) and stay fantasy relevant because of a touchdown or two rather than yardage totals. Stacy is supposed to be back in the lineup against San Francisco. The 49ers aren’t a great matchup, but Stacy has played matchup proof to this point. If he doesn’t play, or I reconsider, Giovani Bernard going against the Chargers is probably my fallback.

A.J. Green isn’t playing Joe Haden or the Steelers, so he is a must-start without a second thought. Boykin was a victim of the Packers’ atrocious Thursday showing. How can you be that bad as an offense? Boykin was thrown to, I believe, once without any catches or yards. That is hard, but I am trusting my team now, remember? Allen has a good-looking matchup with Cincinnati. If the Bengals give up fantasy points, it is mostly to opposing receivers.

Julius Thomas is questionable. I have a breakout performer in the wings in case he can’t go, or can’t go 100%. I don’t want to share that information at this point, but I have a plan.

Garrett Hartley could be busy with the Seahawks defense potentially giving the Saints fits, hopefully, just outside the red zone.

The Cowboys D/ST were underachievers, but at least they scored positive points, right Chiefs?

This week decides the season and while a meager four points from two roster spots doesn’t look good right now, I believe in my team. I drafted, picked up and traded for this team and they are highly talented, merely inconsistent. I trust that the Taggerungs will put it all together this week.

“If you can accept losing, you can’t win.” – Vince Lombardi

Author: Blaine

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