Week 10 NFL Predictions

I was 9-4 last week for the second week in a row. Not to bad. I feel good about most of my picks, so it isn’t all bad.

The games I missed on were me picking Cincinnati, New Orleans, Oakland and Green Bay. Honestly, I don’t regret any of those picks looking back. Oakland was really the only pick I may have reconsidered looking at it a second time, but I thought the Eagles defense was going to be swiss cheese for Terrelle Pryor.

Obviously not.

This week Cleveland, Kansas City, New England and the New York Jets are on a bye. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about my Week 10 NFL Predictions.

Thursday, 11/7 – 8:25 pm ET

Washington Redskins 3-5 @ Minnesota Vikings 1-7
Courtesy of www.vikings.com

Courtesy of www.vikings.com

Prediction: Minnesota Vikings

I really liked what I saw from Minnesota in their close loss to the Cowboys last week. Adrian Peterson was a monster, yet again, and Christian Ponder is showing that he is capable of getting points out of this offense, which is better than the other quarterback options can say at this point. Washington’s offense has been playing better than it was in the beginning of the season and their defense has improved, but if I have learned anything from making these predictions this season, it’s that you can count on chaos and the Jaguars losing. This is obviously more in the “chaos” arena…

Sunday, 11/10 – 1:00 pm ET

Philadelphia Eagles 4-5 @ Green Bay Packers 5-3

Prediction: Green Bay Packers

Losing Aaron Rodgers for 3-4 weeks is bad news for the Packers. However, I like Green Bay to pound the ball with running back Eddie Lacy and play good enough defense to keep Nick Foles from beating them. I think the ball control gameplan will be enough for Green Bay, who shouldn’t be a lost cause without Rodgers, to beat Philly at Lambeau.

Jacksonville Jaguars 0-8 @ Tennessee Titans 4-4

Prediction: Tennessee Titans

I’m probably going to end up starting Jake Locker in my fantasy football league simply because: Jaguars.

Buffalo Bills 3-6 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 2-6

Prediction: Buffalo Bills

I’m still an E.J. Manuel fan and with the Steelers suddenly free-falling into the NFL cellar, I think the Bills won’t be intimidated to go play in Pittsburgh. The major concern for the Bills is that their wide receivers are a little banged up. I still like the Bills though.

Oakland Raiders 3-5 @ New York Giants 2-6

Prediction: New York Giants

The Giants defense that was so porous at the beginning of the season is suddenly turning things around and while I will still lovely refer to Terrelle Pryor as “Superstar”, I don’t think he will play well enough to carry the Raiders’ offense especially with him coming off a knee injury he suffered last week in Oakland’s huge loss to Philadelphia. The Giants are suddenly relevant again.

St. Louis Rams 3-6 @ Indianapolis Colts 6-2

Prediction: Indianapolis Colts

The wildcard here is Rams running back Zac Stacy who could run all over the Colts. However, if he doesn’t, the Rams can’t really move the ball and their defense has been wildly inconsistent. The Colts are still adjusting to life without Reggie Wayne, but they are a legitimately solid team that should win this week at home.

Seattle Seahawks 8-1 @ Atlanta Falcons 2-6

Prediction: Seattle Seahawks

I can’t trust Atlanta after how their season has progressed and Seattle is a fantastic team even if they have to make a tough east coast road trip. This could be a surprise this week though as Seattle is a different beast on the road, but it’s hard to ignore their 8-1 record. Look for Marshawn Lynch to run up and down the field against the Falcons and Matt Ryan’s passing struggles to continue.

Cincinnati Bengals 6-3 @ Baltimore Ravens 3-5

Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals

Losing Geno Atkins to season-ending injury is a huge loss that Baltimore could potentially look to exploit, but Baltimore simply doesn’t look like even a playoff contender. They lack an offensive identity and their defense is really struggling after falling apart last week’s loss to the Browns. Wow… that’s weird to say. I think the Bengals’ offense bounces back this week against he Ravens and their defense has always seemed to have Joe Flacco’s number. Flacco has been struggling and I expect that to continue.

Detroit Lions 5-3 @ Chicago Bears 5-3

Prediction: Detroit Lions

This will be a tough matchup for the Bears, even at home. Calvin Johnson is legitimately unstoppable and without Jay Cutler, I don’t think the Bears’ offense can keep up.

Sunday, 11/10 – 4:05 pm ET

Carolina Panthers 5-3 @ San Francisco 49ers 6-2

Prediction: Carolina Panthers

I know this is an upset pick, but I think Carolina’s defense is for real and their offense is starting to click. Cam Newton has been playing well and a young team, like Carolina, that is playing with confidence is a dangerous team to play if your the 49ers. San Francisco is still the better team, but I think Carolina pulls off the upset.

Sunday, 11/10 – 4:25 pm ET

Houston Texans 2-6 @ Arizona Cardinals 4-4

Prediction: Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are a very quiet, under-the-radar 4-4 team that has yet to really play a good game, even with four wins. Andre Ellington is a playmaker for Arizona out of the backfield and Larry Fitzgerald is presumably feeling better after the Cardinals’ bye week. This game for these two teams figures to play out as the others have over the course of their seasons. Carson Palmer will throw multiple picks, while Case Keenum and the Texans suddenly look solid once again until the third quarter when the Cardinals come storming back and win in the end.

Denver Broncos 7-1 @ San Diego Chargers 4-4

Prediction: Denver Broncos

San Diego is the team everyone seems to think can upend the Broncos in the AFC West whether it be because of the Chargers head coach Mike McCoy, who worked for the Broncos as their offensive coordinator for a number of years before taking San Diego’s head coaching job in January, or that Phillip Rivers is one of the few quarterbacks who is above .500 against Peyton Manning. Here’s the thing about all of that… the Chargers defense isn’t good enough to stop Manning, especially when Manning and the Broncos are coming off a bye week and Rivers and Manning really don’t “play against” each other. They play against the defenses. Sure, Rivers could turn this into a shootout, but I actually think it is a relatively low scoring game and Manning still plays well in the Broncos win.

Sunday, 11/10 – 8:30 pm ET

Dallas Cowboys 5-4 @ New Orleans Saints 6-2

Prediction: New Orleans Saints

The Saints didn’t look good in their loss to the Jets last week and, frankly, the Cowboys didn’t look all that great in their win at home over the Vikings. The Saints, however, get the Cowboys in the Superdome and I think the Saints will get their offense back on track in, what figures to be, a shootout. Saints defensive coordinator knows the Cowboys well after holding the same position with them last season, so that may be just the insight that Drew Brees and the Saints offense needs to outscore Tony Romo and the Cowboys. Romo should play well, but Dallas’ biggest advantage is New Orleans’ lack of rush defense, but Dallas doesn’t seem to feature the run game even in favorable matchups (like last week), so I don’t think the Cowboys will effectively exploit their biggest advantage and will lose a shootout.

Monday, 11/11 – 8:40 pm ET

Miami Dolphins 4-4 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-8

Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There. I’m saying it. I think Tampa Bay gets their first win of the season on Monday Night. Sure, I know they aren’t good and that they are starting rookie quarterback Mike Glennon. They have lost star runner Doug Martin to injury and their organization, starting with coach Greg Schiano, seemes to be in shambles. However… what team has more potential distractions than all of that? The Dolphins. With all the Martin-Incognito drama unfolding, Miami coming off a huge win and playing the winless Bucs this week, I think they overlook Glennon and company when they travel to Tampa Bay. I think Tampa Bay is certainly bad, but they aren’t Jacksonville bad. They can still compete and I think Glennon gets his first win in the NFL this week because of that.

Author: Blaine

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