Kings of the Realm and a Time to Give Thanks


Even in the Magical Realm, there is always room to step back and give a little thanks. For example, I am thankful that my best friend hasn’t ended my column even though I haven’t written an article since September…my bad! However, I am back with a vengeance, and I have a combination article for everyone this week. That’s right, I am covering the last few weeks AND the Thanksgiving Special Week in the NFL, so prepare yourselves, this is going to be wild. First of all, let’s take a look backwards to see what has happened in the league since the last soul-selling extravaganza.

First, getting caught up on the leaders up to this week, we have some usual suspects and some possible surprises, depending on who you ask. In the dominion of the AFC, the strongest Kings are once again at the top: Tom Brady’s Patriots and Peyton Manning’s Broncos. Oddly enough, these two titans are facing off in battle this week. The other two leaders in the conference are the Prince, Andrew Luck and his Colts, and the Red Knight Andy Dalton’s Bengals. While the Bengals have had success recently, it is surprising that they are so dominant over the rest of their division, holding the only winning record.

Moving to the NFC, the title races are a bit more confusing. The Seahawks have shown they are a force to be reckoned with over the last few years, taking full control of the NFC West with their 10-1 record. The Dwarf King has taken up control under the mountain in the NFC South as the Saints are back with title hopes a year after their scandal. The Detroit Lions are atop the NFC North, finding themselves in uncharted waters, as they haven’t won the Division since 1993 when the division was known as the NFC Central. Finally, the great court orators themselves, the Philadelphia Eagles, are on top of their division two years late. If you don’t remember, they proclaimed themselves the “Dream Team” …in 2011!! But hey, you win some you lose some I guess.



Obviously, the leaders are thankful for the fact that they are leading their divisions, but what about the rest of the league? Here’s a look at some players, coaches, and owners that have tons to be thankful for:



  • Adrian Peterson: Tough season for his team, but at least he is healthy and still running like a tank on defenses stacked to stop him.
  • Matt Ryan: Sure, he lost a few team members that would have made this season much better, but hey, Tony Gonzalez is still there and didn’t jump ship.
  • Peyton Manning: I mean come on, not only did his counterpart T. Brady lose his favorite target, but Welker decided to team up with Manning…c’mon man, how lucky do you get?
  • Russell Wilson: Lose Sidney Rice for the season, get Percy Harvin back, that’s gotta make Wilson thankful. Now, he has a speedy receiver and Beast Mode to support his offense, not to mention his defense that scores almost every week.


  • Jim Schwartz: Three reasons to be thankful. Number one, Megatron. Number two. Matthew Stafford. Number three, Bell/Bush/Burleson/Fauria, or as I call them the Four-headed offensive monster.
  • Greg Schiano: He has to be thankful that his team decided to start winning again. Otherwise, he would be getting the boot before the season ended. Now, we have to wait until the end. Also, Bobby Rainey made him look GOOD this week.
  • Rob Ryan: Yes, Rob, not Rex. Rob has a great thing going in New Orleans, and the job he left is still struggling, making him look even better than he would if both defenses were playing well. Now, he can sit back and laugh as the ‘Boys Defense continues to struggle.


  • Arthur Blank: Did I mention that Tony Gonzalez decided to stay in Atlanta? Because otherwise, the Falcons would be struggling even more than they are now…
  • Jerry Jones: He can be thankful that he has his coach for next year: Garrett. He has told us many times, why would he change his mind??
  • Robert Kraft: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick…need I say more?
  • Jon Elway: Peyton Manning and his plethora of offensive weapons

So when you are at home this weekend, watching football, giving thanks, and stuffing your faces, imagine what it would be like to sit around a large wooden table and feast with these wonderful people on Thanksgiving. It would certainly be a messy affair.

Author: Eric

Aloha Sports Fans! My name is Eric and I have been friends with Blaine ever since he moved to my home town in eighth grade. Together we sat around talking and bouncing opinions off of each other about everything sports related. So when he started this website, I was a big advocate and now a writer. While Blaine covers the majority of the content, including everything serious, I like to give a satirical outlook on the weeks as they go by and some of the more peculiar things that happen during the season. And yes, there is definite research and football knowledge behind my posts, it just shows up in bizarre forms as the Magical Realm of the NFL took shape last year. Finally, just because it is fun to brag, I dominated the expert predictions last year and you can follow my certain fall from grace this season on that page as well.

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