Fantasy Football Diary 13: The Final Playoff Push

The Taggerungs currently sit in sixth place at 6-5 with two games left in the fantasy football regular season.

The Taggerungs currently sit in sixth place at 6-5 with two games left in the fantasy football regular season. Click on image to enlarge.

Following a tough loss a week ago to Emma Watson, I need this week’s win more than ever. The pressure is on as the Taggerungs sit in sixth place at 6-5 with only this week and next week to decided the playoff teams. Only the top-six make it into the playoffs.

Emma Watson, the ginger snaps, The Xtacles and myself are all tied with a 6-5 record and are ranked fourth thru seventh. Emma Watson or the ginger snaps are guaranteed a playoff spot as the top team in Division 1 is an automatic top-two seed. So, I am realistically fighting for a spot with The Xtacles and Hernandez is my body guard, who I play this week.

The final playoff push is on.

The All Pro League sits with the Silly Hats Club, coming off a loss, in first at 8-3 with The Trumpeting Platypi also at 8-3 and in second. As I mentioned, that is an overall ranking, but come playoff time, the top team from Division 1 will take the two-seed. McTuffy and Da Steamrollers have quietly taken the third-place spot at 7-4 with the 6-5 teams right behind Da Steamrollers. Hernandez is my body guard is the last team with a good chance of making a playoff run at 5-6 and ranked eighth in the league right now.

Across the league, the key matchups that I will have my eye on are between The Xtacles and The Trumpeting Platypi as a Xtacles win would potentially leave me on the outside looking in if I lose this week. If the Platypi win though, I could still lose to Hernandez is my body guard and the final playoff spots would come down to the final week of fantasy football regular season games next week, presumably between the Taggerungs, Xtacles and Hernandez is my body guard. The other team that factors into that mix is the loser of the 6-5 Emma Watson vs. the 6-5 ginger snaps. The second-seed in the playoffs will come down to the winner of that game with the other team potentially being pinched out of the playoffs altogether. I’m also watching the Silly Hats Club vs. McTuffy and Da Steamrollers as the Silly Hats Club looks to stay on top in the league. After talking smack to the league last week, they fell to the Cuban Raft Riders. The jury is out if the Fantasy Football Gods are looking to punish them for their owner’s comments. Nobody, including the Silly Hats Club, is a lock for the playoffs at this point.

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The Taggerungs roster hasn’t changed… well at all since last week, but changes can be expected as game-time approaches. Julius Thomas is hurting and is a very questionable, questionable for Sunday night’s game against the Patriots. Unfortunately for me, the game is a late-game and I don’t have another tight end on my roster with Kyle Rudolph getting injured a couple weeks ago. I may not know if Thomas is playing until late in the day, which doesn’t help me too much, so I may be dropping Michael Crabtree, who isn’t expected to come back to action until maybe Week 15 anyway, to pick up a tight end I can reasonably think will get me a couple points. On a week with so many debilitating bye weeks, I need every point I can get. I also may be dropping Crabtree for another piece for a playoff run, if it looks like Thomas is playing. Once again, I may be unable to do much of anything with definitive confidence with Thomas’ “questionable” designation. Ugh…

The roster of the Taggerungs as of Nov. 24…

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 2.15.20 AM

Last Week

Last week I lost to Emma Watson, 91.12 – 120.36, dropping a game I really needed to win. It was pretty easy to see going into the week that a win was unlikely as I was unfortunately left with a terrible week of matchups yet again. The season of opponent success against my team continues. The Vikings defense is just straight-up awful and they allowed the near 35 points to Marshawn Lynch and Doug Baldwin (Baldwin of all people???) to prove it. The Jaguars and Vikings defenses have been my biggest opponents this season… The Falcons defense can be added to that list with Vincent Jackson going off in a rather unexpected 22.5 point outburst after being quiet in pre-seeding weeks.

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The Eagles tandem of Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy carried me to a respectable loss with A.J. Green doing next to nothing. Same goes with Keenan Allen and T.Y. Hilton, who I can affectionately call “the most inconsistent, highly talented receiver in the history of the game”. Okay, maybe that is a stretch, but come on… when I need him to do something, he doesn’t. Same with Giovani Bernard. Huge big-play potential and, in theory, he gets more opportunities in the next couple weeks with the snow and wind setting in, but there have been weeks where I need one of his 20-point games and I don’t get it. Thomas was solid, but got hurt. Garrett Hartley was a solid kicker and the Chiefs D/ST demonstrated that they aren’t must-start in every occasion.

It pains me to see Harry Douglas score nearly 20 points. He has been solid and I should start him more in the next couple weeks, even if Matt Ryan has been hard to trust. Anything past that is really nit-picking for points on my bench. The Taggerungs just lost to Hermione Granger…uh… I mean Emma Watson.

…That doesn’t sound any better…

This Week

I want to begin this week with a motivational speech I found on YouTube to inspire my “bye week riddled” roster to play like there is no tomorrow. The Taggerungs control their own destiny and a win this week would go a long way in at least leaving a remote chance of a playoff berth next week even with a Week 13 loss. Coaches… inspire… please.

Okay, so now let’s get into this week’s matchup. Hernandez is my body guard has already beaten me earlier this season, 110.46 – 118.84, but the teams have changed significantly since that Week 2 matchup.

Joe Flacco is starting for Hernandez is my body guard this time around. Flacco has been inconsistent, normally trending to the bad kind of inconsistent, but he is matched up against a Jets defense that has struggled to stop quarterbacks on the road. He could have a huge game, which isn’t great for me, believe it or not.

Matt Forte is playing in St. Louis against the Rams. The Rams have either been really stingy or like swiss cheese this season depending on the week. Again… I’m a pessimist, so I’m anticipating a solid double-digit game from Forte. Andre Ellington is matched up against the Colts. Ellington is restricted on carries this season, but he is electric and could make those carries result in a lot of fantasy points.

Calvin Johnson is Calvin Johnson, which sucks for me. I will say that it could get interesting if Darrelle Revis is given full responsibility to cover Johnson in man-to-man. I’m not saying this from a selfish fantasy football standpoint either. I just want to see if anyone can slow down “Megatron”. Kenny Stills put up just over two points on Thursday night. I imagine the third receiver spot is either Mike Wallace or Aaron Dobson with Chris Givens being hard to trust this season. None of the three are ideal, but have talent and could breakout.

Vernon Davis should light-up the Redskins defense. Here’s another week I could get burned by a terrible defense. Greg Zuerlein has a heck of a leg and the Steelers defense will probably get eight points.

Click on image to enlarge

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For the Taggerungs, the bye weeks are hurting this week… Matt Ryan was forced into spot-start duty with Nick Foles on a bye. He put up 12.68 points on Thursday night. Better than nothing, but my quarterback situation isn’t exactly ideal right now if Foles isn’t active. Wow… doesn’t that last sentence just epitomize how bad my struggles are right now at quarterback?

Zac Stacy is back from his bye. He has a nice matchup on paper with the Bears defense. They are playing in St. Louis, which I hope means a big day. Shane Vereen is thrown into the starting lineup with Steven Jackson being unreliable, Bernard and McCoy on bye and Trent Richardson being awful. Vereen could rack up enough yards in receiving and rushing yardage to warrant this start, but it is a bit of a risk since he isn’t really even the starter in New England. Please Fantasy Football Gods… please let Vereen have the game of his life…

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Jarrett Boykin, Hilton and Allen get the start for me this week with Green on bye. Boykin has been hot as of late getting a bunch of targets from Scott Tolzien. Hopefully he benefits from playing the atrocious Vikings defense this week, even with Tolzien at quarterback again. Hilton has a tough matchup, but I couldn’t bench him with Douglas being my only other receiver and being in, what I thought would be, a defensive matchup with New Orleans on Thursday night. Douglas got 7.90 points. I am hoping Hilton can have one of his patented “you didn’t expect me to get 30 points, did you?” games. Allen is still the top receiver in San Diego’s passing attack. It is the same attack that has slowed down in the past couple weeks. He plays Kansas City’s angry defense.

Thomas is a big question-mark that I need to work out prior to the 1 p.m. kickoffs.

Hartley earned five points and the Chiefs D/ST should get back on track against the Chargers (please).

Once again, the matchups don’t appear to be in my favor, but hopefully the talented Taggerungs team will be able to throw together enough points to earn the seventh win of the season. Hernandez is my body guard should make this very interesting as they look to sweep the Taggerungs.

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