Fantasy Football Diary 6: Pain and suffering

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I lost and while losing to your rival stings anyway… the way the Taggerungs lost last week was cruel and unusual punishment frankly. The mighty Taggerungs underperformed in every facet of the game and came away the loss while the rival Trumpeting Platypi set the record for most points in a single week for this season.

I was not a very happy individual last weekend as my beloved team were majoring unimpressive.

Another loss in my first seasonal matchup against the Trumpeting Platypi. I will have another opportunity later this season.

I don’t think you understand the frustration that I felt last weekend watching the Gamecenter. I have more on the specifics of the matchup below, but for now, let me bring attention to the league standings. I now sit at 2-2 and 6th in the All Pro League. Ok… whatever… my team is good, but I can rationalize a .500 start especially this early on. However, take a gander over at the “Points” section… I have the third highest “Points For” total at 418.80 points over the first four games. Now, look at the “Points Against” section where I lead – by a significant margin – the rest of the league. In fact, Hernandez is my body guard is the only team with a “Points Against” number over 400 points (420.78 points).

The Taggerungs? The valiant warrior otters?

467.06 points against.

Think about it.

While most teams have had to only overcome a total of about 380 points or 95 points per game scored by their opposition. I have had to try and outlast an average of about 116 points scored against per game. Can this really continue? And if it does, then how do I stop the bleeding? I can’t just bring in a new defensive coordinator or anything.

This week could be more of the same. I can’t control how nearly every team to play me so far has put up a tremendous amount of points. I guess the positive is that I do currently still remain at .500. Come on though fantasy football gods… this is ridiculous.

The Taggerungs haven’t changed much. Adding to my frustrations with the game last week, I had a couple promising trade opportunities that I had proposed using the trade tools found on my fantasy football page, in what would have been fair, balanced and mutually beneficial trades. With my team looking awful against the Platypi, the major cogs of those trades obviously underperformed and, suddenly, my trade propositions were turned down because they suddenly didn’t look as fair…

So, despite my attempts to upgrade my roster, the Taggerungs look very similar to last week’s team with only a small change here or there. I dropped Jason Snelling because I just didn’t plan on using him. Jackson should be back relatively soon (fingers crossed) and Snelling was a little too risky for me to trust starting. Instead, I picked up the recently dropped Isaiah Pead. Pead is a talented runner who wasn’t get a lot of opportunities and was likely to replace Daryl Richardson as the Rams starter. This morning, I saw that rookie Zac Stacy will instead get the start and have the opportunity to take the starting spot for good. Stacy could be a great pickup. I kept Bernard Pierce because he is one of the top handcuffs in the league, but he is very similar to Snelling in that I probably won’t be using him anytime soon.

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Last Week

What can I say? I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry for fantasy football, but this sort of Gamecenter will do that to you. 144.48 is the second highest total scored in the history of the league and just take a moment to see how it was achieved…

Ok, so Peyton Manning is unstoppable right now, but nearly no points to Julius Thomas? Thomas was one of the players in a proposed trade…

Fred Jackson was supposed to be obscure this season and both receivers, Jennings and Cruz, had been obscure for most of this season anyway… until they went for 21 and 22 points respectively. Throw in 27 points from Tony Gonzalez, who was benefiting from Matt Ryan and his 25 points, which were practically the only ones I got anywhere. Even the under-performers were Doug Martin and Josh Gordon, who outscored four of my starters.

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The Taggerungs, on the other hand, were awful. Ryan threw to the opposition, both of my running backs, who carried me the week before, put up identical disappointing stat lines despite looking like they could have and should have done more. My receivers were awful. Green is looking average right now, Hilton isn’t breaking out like he should and probably will.

Don’t even get me started on Ryan Broyles and his zero… He actually played a lot of snaps and didn’t even catch one pass.

Thomas did nothing, my kicker put up kicker points and the Chiefs defense scored the second highest point total on my entire roster. Even my bench was terrible. has a “Coach Ranking” where it keeps track of the points left on a team’s bench to rate a coach’s ability to start the right players. I was the best coach in the league last week because I could not have made one move that would have gotten me more points. That’s how bad it was. Now, 84.94 points isn’t awful, I have scored 41 points in a game (ironically against the Platypi) before, but this still hurt…

This Week

This week I play my brother, McTuffy and da Steamrollers. Da Steamrollers are 2-2 coming off two straight wins. Not only do family bragging rights rest on this game, but I am 6th in the All Pro League and da Steamrollers are 7th. This is a win that both need, especially the “Team of Destiny” who suddenly seem to be a team destined to struggle.

For da Steamrollers, Cam Newton is capable of putting up huge points any week, especially since his last game was a 29.42 outing back in Week 3 (Carolina had a bye last week).

Knowshon Moreno could continue the theme of Broncos players ruining my life. DeAngelo Williams is looking good this season as a featured back again. Neither have ideal matchups, but both are capable of putting up points regardless of matchup.

Cecil Shorts could be in for a long day because… well… he is a Jaguars player, but Shorts is also the only Jaguar worth starting so look for him to go off because he is playing me. Andre Johnson is still a beast as he ages. The matchup against San Francisco isn’t great, but matchups don’t mean anything to Johnson. Michael Floyd is a talented receiver who is worth a touchdown.

Jared Cook is a very talented tight end, who again… is playing the Jaguars.

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For the Taggerungs, we start with Matt Ryan, who is taking on a Jets defense, who has performed well this season.

LeSean McCoy is in a great matchup against the Giants defense. The Giants defense should struggle to contain McCoy and the Eagles offense, but with that, the Eagles may not need to use McCoy too much. Murray is an odd matchup and I may not ultimately go with him by game time. He plays the Broncos, who have given up the 5th most fantasy points to running backs, but is first in the league in rush defense, only giving up 74 rushing yards per game. So, what do you believe? I will leave Murray as the starter, but Giovani Bernard is a possible player this week against a Patriots defense missing Vince Wilfork. I know Murray is considered by some as a must-start, but he concerns me against the Broncos.

A.J. Green is in another tough matchup against the Patriots who will scheme for him. Randall Cobb is in a great matchup against the Lions, in what figures to be shootout. T.Y Hilton is starting over Ryan Broyles, but I’m get sick of both of them.

Julius Thomas should get back on track this week. Garrett Hartley may be a solid point getter against a solid Bears defense. The Chiefs defense is a ridiculous fantasy defense right now. I’m rolling with them.

This week is essential. I need to win this week just because I need to keep up with the top teams in the league. The “Team of Destiny” must get back on track and make a push back to the top.

Author: Blaine

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