Fantasy Football Diary 9: My How the Fantasy Gods Hate Me

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I currently sit in third at 4-3. I lead the league in “points for”, so I have the immediate tiebreaker to this point. Click on image to enlarge.

The “Team of Destiny” has fallen yet again and like so many other times before this, there is a sort of “surreal” feeling about this loss. As if a terrible evil has befallen upon the Taggerungs in what became a lost week of opportunity and, in turn, shame.

Everyone who plays fantasy football knows the pain of starting the wrong player one week or another. It happens all the time. Maybe you have a top player in a terrible, terrible matchup sitting your bench while another player, who has one of the most favorable matchups you could imagine, is just begging to start. Then, by weekend’s end, the bench player has defied all odds while your current starter demonstrates how fickle the game of football can be when assessed on paper.

That was this week for the Taggerungs. It wasn’t just one player though… oh no… it was my entire bench. My bench outscored my entire starting lineup by 11 points, despite fielding only seven players compared to my starting nine. I guess you could say I got a little too cute with my starting lineup OR… you can question if the Fantasy Football Gods, who seem to hate me so much, had something to do with the Taggerungs’ uncharacteristic performance.

It was probably the gods.

Anyway, the Taggerungs have dropped in the All Pro League standings once again as I seemingly cannot string together wins. The Taggerungs are one of the more talented teams in the league, as they do lead the league in points scored and still sit third in the league following last week’s loss to current second-seed, 5-2, “the ginger snaps”.

I currently sit at 4-3. The rest of the All Pro League is ridiculously close this season as everyone seems to be either 4-3 or 3-4. You would think that teams would eventually begin to separate themselves from the pack, but, to this point, none have. This week give the ginger snaps and Silly Hats Club the opportunity to get some separation, but it won’t be easy, especially with how unpredictable this season has been. Also another random tidbit; the Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos have changed their name to “Emma Watson” in an attempt to turn their season around. We will see how that plays out in future weeks.

The Taggerungs roster hasn’t changed much since last week’s loss. The talent was all there, but unfortunately on my bench, so I just need to do a better job of starting the players who will ultimately go off. I did drop the terribly frustrating Nick Foles after his dud last Sunday in order to pick up Shane Vereen. Vereen returns to the Taggerungs as he is expected to be cleared to play for the Patriots in Week 11. It is a couple weeks away, but with the issues surrounding the Patriots offense, I fully expect Vereen to be a huge factor by season’s end. I also dropped Nick Novak for Garrett Hartley. I plan on using Hartley the rest of the season now that he is through his bye week.

The Taggerungs as of Oct. 25:

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Last Week

Gosh… this is rough to look at… I lost to the ginger snaps, 77.82 – 74.70. The game shouldn’t have been that close though, as my bench went off for 85.42 points by themselves. I sat the likes of Harry Douglas, Matt Ryan, Jarrett Boykin and even the surprising 14.70 point game turned in by Zac Stacy. Rough week to lose by that little.

The ginger snaps weren’t exceptional either, but they got 20+ games from Eric Decker and the Panthers D/ST, which ultimately doomed me. With every point obviously meaning so much in this game, Jordan Cameron’s 11.50 with a garbage touchdown against Green Bay also didn’t help.

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As for the Taggerungs, A.J. Green carried the team with a great 21.50 point performance. Julius Thomas also played well with 10.10 points, but everyone else failed to reach double-digits.

Nick Foles killed me with a 5.70 point game, as did T.Y. Hilton with a 2.70 point game. Hilton had a touchdown tipped just before it came to him otherwise I would have won comfortably. Instead Decker’s big game was enough to offset Thomas’ production and the lack of Hilton’s production.

Even looking back, I feel ok about not starting Ryan, Douglas and Boykin. With Ryan’s receivers out with injury and Foles in a favorable matchup, I thought Ryan would struggle. Ditto with Douglas. Obviously, they did not. I wanted to see what Boykin did before starting him over Hilton’s big-play potential or Keenan Allen’s recent consistency. I was burned on all three instances.

This Week

This week I play against Scoregasm. Scoregasm is currently ranked 12th in the league at 2-5, but as we saw last week, no game is as clear as it seems as many of my players are on bye and I have an interesting decision to make in terms of my running backs for this week. All I need is another poor performance by my team this week and a couple superhuman games from Scoregasm’s team, as have happened countless times this season, and I could be facing 4-4.

Colin Kaepernick is playing the Jaguars, so I can only imagine this is his “game of the season” and goes off for 20 points.

Le’Veon Bell is suddenly a solid fantasy play after being hurt for most of the season to this point. Mike James already played and was serviceable with 6.40 points.

Scoregasm’s receivers are Brandon Gibson, Rueben Randle and Mike Williams, who scored 2.00 points on Thursday night. Gibson is hard to predict in the Miami offense. It doesn’t look like a great matchup, but you only need one catch for six to make things harder on the Taggerungs. Randle has been consistent, scoring 21.60, 13.50 and 8.00 points over the last three weeks.

The major threat here is Jimmy Graham. He may be ruled inactive and is playing a Buffalo defense that doesn’t give up many fantasy points to tight ends, but does anybody really think they will stop him. Nope.

The Broncos D/ST is playing Washington and their kicker is Jay Feely.

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I plan on keeping my points in my starting lineup this week, so I return to Matt Ryan as my starting quarterback, in what isn’t a great matchup against Arizona, but I’m not trying a “Nick Foles” type move again.

My running backs are an interesting dilemma this week. I don’t care that Trent Richardson is on a bye. I still expect him to figure things out and he is worth holding onto, but him being on a bye doesn’t change my outlook. I’m obviously starting McCoy against the Giants. Hopefully he gets back on track as a top fantasy back. I am still up in the air on my second back. I like Stacy, but he plays a terrible matchup against the Seahawks on Monday night. However, he is the only threat on the Rams offense with Sam Bradford injured and Stacy has done surprisingly well over the past couple weeks in equally daunting games. Giovani Bernard is too inconsistent at this point going against the Jets defense. The other option here is Steven Jackson. I have waited weeks for him to return to health, but I fear I can’t start him over Stacy because Jackson may be limited and slowly brought back into the offense against a tough Cardinals rush defense. Or… he will be featured and dominate. I have Stacy starting, but that may change.

My receivers are hit by bye weeks with Hilton and Allen out. The one good thing about these situations is that it makes picking your lineup much easier. I obviously am starting Green, but will see if I can ride the hot hands of Boykin and Douglas. I may move Anquan Boldin into a starting spot simply because he is playing the Jaguars, but it is unlikely that I make that exchange.

Julius Thomas is playing a porous Redskins defense, which could mean he goes off, or is an afterthought as Washington fails to stop the Bronco receivers.

Garrett Hartley is back in the fold with the Taggerungs and should do well, at least getting a point here or there as Jimmy Graham dominated Buffalo. The Chiefs D/ST plays a Jason Campbell led Browns team. I really hope Kansas City has a huge week, because on paper it looks pretty nice.

With how tight this season has been, every week has a fantasy football playoff atmosphere, if there is such a thing, and this week is no different. The “Team of Destiny” needs to put up another “W” to keep up with the likes of the ginger snaps and Silly Hats Club, as well as, keep pace ahead of fellow 4-3 teams. With two players from Scoregasm playing on Thursday night and combining for 8.40 points, I certainly have a chance, but as I have seen countless times this season, the Fantasy Gods may not care if the odds are in my favor.


Author: Blaine

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