Fantasy Football Diary 8: Injuries Strike “Team of Destiny”

The Taggerungs still remain atop the All Pro League at 4-2 - click on image to enlarge

The Taggerungs still remain atop the All Pro League at 4-2 – click on image to enlarge

Injuries can ruin any team’s hopes for the title and fantasy football is no exception. This is especially clear when you look at the premise of fantasy football. You draft players, based on value/ability and then add them to a relatively small roster, hoping to beat other teams who are also picking from the top talent in the NFL. So… when you lose a top pick to injury, you had better hope you used, and continue to use, the waiver wire effectively.

Randall Cobb is gone. He nearly broke his fibula and was placed on short-term IR, so he is gone until, at the earliest, Week 15. That would be the semifinals in the All Pro League and you can’t assume he would instantly return from a broken leg and contribute as he had been. So, it was back to the drawing board, in search of a new receiver, which was already my thinnest position. Luckily, I continued my streak of being ahead of the curve, and had picked up Keenan Allen, who is a very intriguing receiver the rest of the way. I also made a couple other moves to shore up the position the best I could, but I’ll get into that a little later.

The Taggerungs, aka “The Team of Destiny” (I will make this stick), are currently sitting atop the All Pro League at 4-2. I share my 4-2 record with three other teams, the Silly Hats Club, The Trumpeting Platypi and, this week’s opponent, the ginger snaps. I still own the tiebreaker due to my points for at 665.94 points. That is 40 points more than the second-place team, Silly Hats Club. Hopefully that trend continues.

The Taggerungs’ roster has had a pretty tremendous amount of turnover this week as I have looked to account for injuries. The big news is the trade with, ironically, the ginger snaps. I was proposed a trade for DeMarco Murray, who I’ve been looking to trade anyway, for Trent Richardson and Danny Amendola, who is has been injured all season. With a counter proposal, I managed to get Anquan Boldin instead of Amendola. Richardson has underperformed to this point and Boldin needs another offensive weapon to help him, but I feel Richardson just needs time in the Colts’ offense. Boldin obviously has the ability, so using him as receiver depth isn’t a bad idea. Murray, while talented, was too injury prone for my liking. I had to drop Bryce Brown to open Boldin’s roster spot.

I also was active on the waiver wire, picking up Nick Foles and dropping Sam Bradford. I need Foles this week with questions surrounding Matt Ryan as he plays without his top two receivers. Foles has a wonderful matchup and could steal the starting job from Michael Vick with another great showing. I also picked up Jarrett Boykin, who is supposed to fill-in for Randall Cobb. I’m not a huge Boykin fan, until he produces, but it’s worth monitoring. I also dropped Garrett Hartley, who is on a bye, and picked up Nick Novak.

The Taggerungs as of Oct. 20.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 12.24.10 PM

Last Week

Last week was a solid showing for the Taggerungs, beating mr dr condor, 111.28 – 78.10. The Taggerungs scored the highest point total of the week in the All Pro League and, honestly, seemed to get a little lucky through the weekend despite the injuries.

Mr dr condor had solid showings from Arian Foster and DeSean Jackson, but saw poor performances from Tony Romo, who should have done more against the Redskins defense, and the Texans defense, who were handled by the St. Louis Rams offense, of all teams.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

I got a great performance from the Chiefs defense/special teams, a solid showing from Sam Bradford and other good performances from LeSean McCoy, DeMarco Murray and A.J. Green. It would be nice to see more double-digit games from Green.

This Week

This week is against the ginger snaps. The ginger snaps are currently fourth in the All Pro League at 4-2 and are coming off a close win last week, 68.06 – 61.60. The ginger snaps look good on paper, but bye weeks and injuries could be their downfall this week.

Tom Brady is simply Tom Brady. He could go off whenever despite averaging decent double-digit points all season.

The running back position could be a question mark with Chris Ogbonnaya and Ben Tate the starters this week. Murray, if healthy, would fill in there, but with him inactive, it may be another week before he makes his ginger snaps debut.

Eric Decker is a great play against the Colts. Brandon LaFell will probably score and Austin Pettis could do the same for the Rams. Jordan Cameron is a must-start tight end and even more rides on the Rams-Panthers game with the ginger snaps starting the Panthers D/ST.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

I like Nick Foles this week against the Cowboys. Same for LeSean McCoy.

I’m starting Giovani Bernard against the Lions, hoping he reels in a receiving touchdown and adds some rushing yards.

Green is a must-start in that same game. T.Y. Hilton should be a key piece of the Colts-Broncos track meet on Sunday night and Keenan Allen has looked good the last couple weeks. Hopefully he can replicate, or expand upon, Cobb’s production.

Julius Thomas is another member of the Colts-Broncos game. Hopefully the Colts focus their efforts on the Bronco receivers and ignore Thomas. It’s unlikely.

Nick Novak is playing the Jaguars and the Chiefs D/ST are matched up against the Case Keenum-led Texans. I like that matchup.

The Taggerungs need to distance themselves in the All Pro League. The easiest way is to win this week against another 4-2 team in the ginger snaps. The matchup on paper looks good for the Taggerungs, but there have been countless times where that has meant nothing. The “Team of Destiny” hopefully can push for their third straight win.

Author: Blaine

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