Fantasy Football Diary 7: Back on track

I currently sit in first at 3-2 in the All Pro League. Click on image to enlarge.

I currently sit in first at 3-2 in the All Pro League. Click on image to enlarge.

The “Team of Destiny”, aka the Taggerungs, are back on track.

A big win last week puts the 3-2 warrior otters back up in the top spot of the All Pro League, in a tiebreaker with six other teams. The Taggerungs have the tiebreaker though… somehow. I thought I understand the league’s complicated tiebreaker system, but upon further review, I have no idea.

Still, the Taggerungs sit in first, so no complaints.

After five games, the All Pro League is shaping up with seven teams all tied for the first at 3-2 and four 2-3 teams. There is only one team (sorry Hernandez is my body guard) that isn’t one of those two records at 1-4. The league is demonstrating the incredible depth of the league and with surprisingly poor performances from highly drafted players (Stevan Ridley, C..J. Spiller, David Wilson…etc.), the teams are more evenly matched than any years before.

As for the Taggerungs specifically though, the roster is mostly the same. Only real additions came from dropping Ryan Broyles, who was doing nothing for me despite having opportunities with and without Calvin Johnson on the field. I picked up Keenan Allen who should provide similar output as Broyles, at the very least, and an opportunity to see if he will take over one of the starting receiver spots in the Chargers’ offense. I wanted to grab Percy Harvin as a long-term look, but he was picked up on the waiver by mr dr condor. I also picked up Harry Douglas today, dropping Bernard Pierce. Douglas should absorb some of Atlanta’s targets with Julio Jones out for the season and Roddy White playing at less than 100%.

Here’s the roster as of 10/13.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 9.58.54 AM


Last Week

Last week the Taggerungs pulled off the win, 135.86 – 81.72. It was a great rebound game for the Taggerungs as they put up the second-highest point total this season.

For da Steamrollers, Cam Newton and Andre Johnson underperformed, which hurt.

Knowshon Moreno, Cecil Shorts and kicker Steven Hauschka were the top scorers. Even with a better game from the under-performers, it may not have been enough. It was just one of those weeks where everything came together for the Taggerungs.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

Matt Ryan had a nice game. My running backs were actually my lowest point getters with T.Y. Hilton and Julius Thomas combining for 48.20 points together. Garrett Hartley and the Chiefs defense put up double digits. Like I said, you can’t say much about it, everything just came together.

This Week

This week is against mr dr condor. Mr dr condor currently sit in third at 3-2 and first place in the opposing division. They are coming off a huge win with a 122.74 – 48.88 shellacking of the ginger snaps. The win was headlined by Tony Romo’s 42.94 point game and near 20 points performances from the Browns DST and DeSean Jackson. This week I’m hoping I don’t see performances like that.

Romo is a major threat this week once again, as he is matched against he Redskins defense that has struggled to stop good offenses. They have improved over the last couple weeks, but I expect Romo to potentially go off once again.

Arian Foster is playing the Rams, which at the beginning of the season would have potentially been considered a poor matchup. Now, the Rams defense is giving up fantasy points to running backs like nobodies business and with the Texans looking to protect quarterback Matt Schaub from making more mistakes, they figure to take advantage of their run game advantage. Bilal Powell is going against the Steelers, which isn’t a great matchup, but it’s hard to judge just how bad the Steelers are this season.

DeSean Jackson is a must-start. Steve Smith has been underperforming, but could get on track against the Vikings pass defense. Antonio Brown is another player involved in the Steelers vs. Jets defensive struggle.

Antonio Gates is playing like his former self. Dan Bailey is involved in the potential Redskins vs. Cowboys shootout and the Browns defense is solid as a whole.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

I have to start Sam Bradford this week with Matt Ryan on a bye. Bradford has been a solid “bye-week replacement” type player, but this matchup against Houston is scary.

LeSean McCoy and DeMarco Murray are must-starts this week. McCoy because he is a monster and Murray because he is matched up against the Redskins defense I was talking about above.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Randall Cobb and A.J. Green are also must-starts. Cobb was solid last week and is, hopefully, going to improve on that this week. Green has been an under-performer to this point, but with a matchup against the Bills, I think he will pull himself out of his funk. Hilton is playing the Chargers and after his explosion last week, I expect him to, hopefully, take advantage of the San Diego pass defense.

Julius Thomas is a must-start, especially against the Jaguars. My concern there is that he isn’t the focus because Jacksonville can’t stop any of Denver’s other offensive weapons.

I’m sticking with Garrett Hartley and the Chiefs D/ST.

This week is big, with every team within a game or two of first place, this week will go a long way in distancing the long-term threats and the early-season surprises. On paper, this week is a great matchup. A lot rides on the Dallas vs. Washington game on Sunday night, so it will be interesting to watch and see how everything plays out. If we follow patterns, the Taggerungs have won, lost, won, lost and won this season, meaning this is a “loss” week. The warrior otters have an opportunity to change that and hold onto their spot at the top of the All Pro League.

The “Team of Destiny” will hopefully find a way.

Author: Blaine

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