Fantasy Football Diary 5: Otters vs. Platypi

The Taggerungs sit at 2nd heading into a monumental clash this week. (Click on image to enlarge)

The Taggerungs sit at 2nd heading into a monumental clash this week. (Click on image to enlarge)

Rivalries bring a whole new element to sports.

Ohio State vs. Michigan. New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Socks. Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears. All rivalries have a deep and storied history and all sports have their greatest, most well-known matchups.

I’m here to tell you that fantasy football is no different. Well… at least in the All Pro League.

This week, I am matched up against… The Trumpeting Platypi.

The story behind this rivalry goes back thousands and thousands of years. The warrior otter clan, led by their leader, the Taggerung, was ruthlessly attacked by the Platypi, known for their trumpeting nature. The otters fought back with much valor and the great war between the platypi and the otters resulted in thousands of deaths, for otters and platypi alike. The war ended at the urging of Mother Nature herself before the world was torn apart, but the hatred born from the conflict never dissipated as platypus and otters moved far way from each other, occupying different parts of the world. Despite the distance, the rivalry still resonates and takes its new form… in an epic fantasy football clash.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 5.39.09 PM

Hatred has never been so pure.

Ok, so the odds that any of that happened are rather… slim, but this is fantasy football. Shouldn’t I be allowed to create my own story to set the stage for a matchup against my greatest rival? After three seasons, I am 2-5 against The Trumpeting Platypi including last season’s All Pro League championship where I lost, 94.88 – 119.88. I have never beaten the Platypi in our first matchup of the season and, among those games, I have actually been on the losing end of two of the most lopsided games in All Pro League history. The Platypi are also two-time champions, which in addition to everything else, makes this a team to beat. I have more on the matchup below.

The Taggerung roster hasn’t changed much. I used my waiver priority to pick up the Kansas City Chiefs defense/special teams, who look like one of the best units in the game right now. I’m excited about their prospects this week against the Giants. I also dropped Vincent Brown, who has done nothing this season, despite Malcolm Floyd’s injury and picked up Jason Snelling. I don’t really intend on using Snelling unless he gets more carries and unless Steven Jackson is out even longer than was originally thought.

The Taggerungs as of 9/28:

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 7.03.50 PM

Last Week

Last week, I pulled off the win against the previously undefeated Xtacles, 109.34 – 82.26. It was a comfortable win, largely because of my running backs and the Cincinnati vs. Green Bay game.

Aaron Rodgers didn’t play as well as was expected with the Bengals defense playing him very well. Ryan Mathews and Chris Johnson were under-performers, both registering under double-digit points. Receivers Golden Tate and Wes Welker put up decent points, but with other players unable to break double-digits, it wasn’t enough.

The Taggerungs were led by LeSean McCoy and DeMarco Murray, who accounted for nearly 50 points by themselves.

No complaints here.

A.J. Green put up 10 points, Julius Thomas finished around the same and my spot start Cowboys defense and special teams had a solid 12 points. My bench was promising with Bernard Pierce playing well (13.20 points) and Giovani Bernard having another solid showing (15.90 points). It was also nice to see Ryan Broyles on the field after coming back from injury.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 7.09.31 PM

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This Week

As outlined above, this week is against The Trumpeting Platypi. The Platypi are 1-2, coming off a tough loss to the Silly Hats Club last week. This week isn’t one of my most favorable weeks on paper. The Platypi are looking solid on paper and sport some of the most intriguing, talented players in fantasy football.

Peyton Manning. Do I need say more? He is not only incredible, but is also in a great matchup against the Eagles. May he throw touchdowns to my tight end, Julius Thomas.

Fred Jackson and Doug Martin are solid double-digit performers. Neither has a great matchup, but both will score some points.

Greg Jennings, Victor Cruz and Josh Gordon are intriguing. Jennings hasn’t done much this season and is playing a tough Pittsburgh defense. Cruz and Gordon could have great games. Cruz is still an elite talent on a struggling Giants’ offense and Gordon is playing against a Bengals defense who could be missing a chunk of their secondary.

Tony Gonzalez is still a threat, who could make it hard for me to watch Matt Ryan in the red zone.

Sturgis and the Cardinals defense are solid starts with the Cardinals taking on rookie Mike Glennon and the Buccaneers offense.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 7.09.54 PM

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Matt Ryan is playing a Patriots defense that has played very well in the Patriots’ 3-0 start.

LeSean McCoy is a must-start, but is matched up against the top rush defense in Denver. The Broncos have only given up 43.3 rushing yards per game, so this isn’t an ideal situation for me. DeMarco Murray is starting once again for me, after putting up 26 points last week. He plays a San Diego Chargers defense that is ranked 29th in the NFL against the run.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Green is a beast, but Browns cornerback, Joe Haden, has been known to limit his production. I’m forced to start Ryan Broyles, who has done nothing this season. The good news is that Broyles is now the second receiver in Detroit after Nate Burleson broke his arm this past week. He will have opportunities, but it is a major risk that is unavoidable at this point. T.Y. Hilton is playing Jacksonville, so that matchup should benefit the warrior otters, but Hilton has been inconsistent.

Thomas is, hopefully, going to catch all Manning’s touchdowns.

Garrett Hartley and the Chiefs defense and special teams are good starts this week. Gosh… I need points from them in a major way.

The Taggerungs have a chance to move to 3-1 this week, but the Platypi stand in their way. If history means anything, this will be a tough matchup, but the “team of destiny” could find a way.

I believe.

Author: Blaine

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