Fantasy Football Diary 1: Pre-Draft Preparation

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By tomorrow night, the sun will have dipped just beyond the woods surrounding draft central. Cars will line the street, and the team captains will return to begin the 2013 Fantasy football season in the All Pro League.

The 12-team league is entering it’s 4th season and is made up of a group of high school friends who meet up in my basement every year around this time to pick the upcoming season’s fantasy teams. The league itself is a standard scoring league with a couple extra points for players who surpass 400 yards passing or 200 yards rushing. There are also a couple points added for return touchdowns for offensive players (if your starting wide receiver returns a punt…etc.). We start one quarterback, two running backs, three receivers, one tight end, a kicker and a defense/special teams unit. We have eight bench spots.

The team owners are all wildly clever, with the exception of myself, with mr dr condor, Scoregasm, Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos, The Gamemakers (formerly The Death Eaters), The Cuban Raft Riders, and the ginger snaps making up Division 1.

Division 2 is made up of myself, the Taggerungs, The Bounty Hunters, McTuffy and da Steamrollers, Silly Hats Only Club (formerly the Devilishly Blue Dominators), TheDyslexicDominatrixes, and The Trumpeting Platypi.

How the divisions look heading into the 4th installment of the All Pro League.

How the divisions look heading into the 4th installment of the All Pro League.

The former champions are The Trumpeting Platypi, who have won twice (2010 and 2012) and the Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos (2011). The owner of the Platypi is calling for a dynasty, but somebody needs to stop that talk this season.

I plan on it being me (cue epic “taking this way too serious” voice).

This season is key for my team, the Taggerungs. Over the last couple seasons, I have done well, making the playoffs every year and finishing 4th in 2010, 5th in 2011 and 2nd in 2012 despite finishing first in regular season play.

Last season ended in heartache for the Taggerungs, losing to The Trumpeting Platypi in the championship, 119.88 – 94.88. I could have pulled out the victory with a couple key moves, but instead watched as my bench went off for nearly 70 points in key positions.

The pattern over the last couple season has been, unfortunately, poor drafting on my part or being unlucky in an automated draft in 2010. This year, I am determined to refocus myself, learn from past mistakes and draft winners.

It’s easier said than done…

If I learned anything from last season and years prior, it is to be smart with early picks. Over the last couple seasons I have ended up with RB Rashard Mendenhall (2011) and RB Darren McFadden (2012), who have been major busts. I luckily managed to take solid quarterbacks and receivers those years, but with a smart running back selection, meaning they aren’t made of glass, I could maximize those early picks and those could be what puts me over the edge.

I also am looking for the sleepers. Nobody can accurately pick every sleeper or foresee every injury, but having a couple late picks invested in high potential guys could be key. Trying to find a consensus among fantasy experts can be point you in the right direction. Also, I’m trying to do a little more research than I normally do, following players who are either young with breakout potential or are veterans who maybe have a change of scenery for the better. Last season, I drafted Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas because I felt his athleticism and the addition of Peyton Manning could make him elite and he finished as one of the top fantasy receivers. The same goes for Packers WR Randall Cobb who was supposed to be more of an offensive weapon early on last year, but I thought he was too talented to disappear, so I grabbed him and he was dynamic. I’m hoping I can grab a late round, high-potential fantasy impact player. I have a couple ideas that I will provide after the draft.

All in all, the fantasy begins tomorrow with the drafting of my team. I will be updating the Fantasy Football Diary shortly with the draft outcome, my thoughts on my team, the outlook for the All Pro League and the players that I like to make a difference this season in fantasy who, hopefully, will be Taggerungs by Monday morning.


Last season's regular season results. I finished first, but couldn't pull out the All Pro League Title.

Last season’s regular season results. I finished first, but couldn’t pull out the All Pro League Title.



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