Fantasy Football Diary 15: Better Luck Next Year

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Well, I lost.

It’s all over.

A season of frustrations, celebration and second-guessing just ends.

Ok, so making it to the Championship in fantasy football isn’t the end of the world, but it still stings a little. I almost tortured myself over the course of the season trying to find the perfect matchup, trying to replace the unfortunate injury and just hoping and praying that a player would play well when the game looked to be going against me.

In the end, all my work and virtual effort was for naught as the Taggerungs fell to The Trumpeting Platypi 119.88-94.88. A great game to finish a great season, but I end on the losing end finishing Second in the All Pro League. Here’s the Gamecenter.

What really hurts here is the bench points. That’s 68+ points that could have gone to helping me win. I traded for RB Demarco Murray with the specific purpose of having a favorable matchup against the Saints this week and it only meant 7.10 points. RB Darren McFadden was supposed to carry my team after being a 2nd-round pick and after another injury plagued season, he put up only 4.80 points in a relatively favorable matchup himself.

Yep… that’s running backs Shonn Greene and Darren Sproles accounting for just over 35 points together… on my bench. Who starts those guys over who I played? Yet, if I had the guts to do that, I would be writing a very different entry.

The other story here is how the Patriots offense suddenly stalled when I needed them most. Jacksonville was sporting the 31st-ranked pass defense and Patriots QB Tom Brady and TE Aaron Hernandez only combined for just over 15 points. Things just didn’t go as planned and unfortunately that means another year of waiting for another opportunity to push for the All Pro Championship.

Taggerung Awards

Pick of the Year – QB Tom Brady – I know it was my first pick and that it should be the pick of the year, but seriously, Brady was a constant who easily carried me throughout the year. He fell in the Championship and I lost. There is a correlation there.

Value Pick of the Year – WR A.J. Green and WR Demaryius Thomas – Who thought Green and Thomas would be top fantasy wideouts this season? THIS GUY! They were my third and fourth round picks respectively. They will probably push into the second-round come next season.

Disappointment of the Year – RB Darren McFadden – Who else? He was injured for a chunk of the year and when he played he was mediocre. He was my second-round pick and to make matters worse… RB Adrian Peterson was still on the board…

Waiver-Wire Pickup of the Year – WR Randall Cobb – I picked him up before the year started because I thought he would take off, then dropped him for roster space and then got him back before he blew up for good. Fantastic player who was carrying me some weeks by himself.

Most Successful Bench Player – RB Shonn Greene – He was so unreliable that you couldn’t start him, but when he wasn’t supposed to do anything, he would score two short touchdowns and put up double-digit points, while the starters did nothing.

Here’s my final roster (from before last week’s games). May the 2012 Taggerungs rest in peace.

Author: Blaine

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