Fantasy Football Diary 14: For All the Marbles

I made it.

I made it all the way to the All Pro League Championship and now have a chance to win my first Fantasy Football championship (with my friends) in the league’s brief, three year history. I don’t know how I got here. I picked up some decent players throughout the year and just rode my top talents, but now I have the chance to win the trophy… which is just a autograph football, but still… it means a lot.

Standing in my way of virtual glory?

The Trumpeting Platypi.

The Trumpeting Platypi won in the first All Pro League season and struggled a little last season before returning to the promise land. The Platypi have, probably the most talented fantasy team overall and the only matchup between these teams this season ended in me getting rocked.

And yes I’m still talking about fantasy football here as if we actually had anything to do with how our players played back in Week 2.

If you have been following these entries throughout the season, I really appreciate it first of all, and you probably know a little about these teams. This is how the playoffs have filled out.

There isn’t much to say at this point about my roster. I still have the players I had last week with the exception of picking up the Redskins DST and dropping the Vikings DST. I’m not even starting the Redskins DST, but I wanted the option available. Here’s my roster as of December 23rd.

Last Week…

Last week I was matched up against TheDyslexicDominatrixes. I managed to win 95.92-73.26. It wasn’t pretty, but I managed. For the Dominatrixes, RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis and WR Julio Jones put up solid numbers, particularly during the early games, which was frightening.

I had QB Tom Brady and TE Aaron Hernandez playing the Sunday Night game against the 49ers and I was down by 10 points. The Dominatrixes didn’t have anyone else to play. Through the first half, the 49ers defense was dominating and the Patriots were looking awful offensively. At that point I was still losing by 10. Luckily, the second half brought about the Patriots offense and with Brady’s rushing touchdown, I took the lead and stayed there.

All in all, it wasn’t a very reassuring Fantasy game, but I managed the win. I will need a lot more from my skill players this week.

For this week…

I play the Platypi. We met in Week 2 and I lost by around 20 points. Since then, the Platypi have made a couple trades and further legitimized the team. It will be very difficult to outscore this team today.

The Platypi have favorable matchups across the board starting with QB Aaron Rodgers against the porous Titans secondary in Green Bay.

Running backs Stevan Ridley and Alfred Morris have great looking matchups today against poor run defenses in Jacksonville and Philadelphia respectively. Also favor in how Ridley could be heavily relied on and Morris most certainly will as his QB, Robert Griffin III, returns from injury.

At wideout, Steve Smith has been on fire lately, Brandon Marshall is the only guy who seems to catch passes from QB Jay Cutler and Vincent Jackson, while streaky, has the ability to put up huge numbers.

Tight end Jimmy Graham is still one of the most talented tight ends in the game and should have opportunities against the Cowboys.

Kicker Lawrence Tynes has put up great numbers all year and the Colts DST is going against the Chiefs, which is naturally favorable.

I have some good looking matchups, but I will need them to all work out well for me to have a chance. QB Tom Brady is playing against one of the worst pass defenses in the league, which, on paper, is a good thing.

My backs this week are Demarco Murray and Darren McFadden. Murray is playing the Saints, which was the best looking matchup for backs early on in the season, but the Saints have improved defensively. McFadden is playing the Panthers who are sort of “so-so” against fantasy running backs. Both players have tremendous talent and could put up solid numbers… or they could do nothing… oh boy.

My receivers haven’t changed in recent weeks. They remain, A.J. Green, Demaryius Thomas and Randall Cobb. Green only had one catch for a touchdown last time they played the Steelers, but on paper, the Steelers could struggle stopping him. Thomas is playing the Browns, which isn’t very favorable if he is Browns CB Joe Haden’s responsibility. Cobb is looking good against the Titans and I have to hope the points scored by Rodgers and the Platypi actually benefit Cobb.

Hernandez is also against the Jaguars, which is a good thing if Brady looks his way often. Kicker Connor Barth is just a solid kicker, who hopefully gets opportunities after he did nothing last week. The Chargers DST is playing the Jets. I had to play them.

This is for the Championship and the… trophy… football. It is going to take a bit of a miracule to pull this one off. There aren’t many times where you can say you opponent actually has every one of their players in a favorable matchup.

A little food for thought though… I have never beaten the Platypi in our first matchup of the season, but I have traditionally done well in the second meeting. Obviously that means nothing, but it is kind of interesting.

Ok, maybe it’s just interesting to me.

Author: Blaine

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