Fantasy Football Diary 13: All on the Line

Let me first apologize for missing last week’s Diary entry. I was incredibly busy and just didn’t get to it. It worked out though because I actually had a first round bye in the All Pro League playoffs, so there wasn’t much to report from last week.

So anyway… the Taggerungs put it all together and managed to win the entire Regular Season Trophy! We don’t have a trophy for that, but I now think we really should… So, I was rewarded with a bye in the first round, which was very good because I would have lost to nearly everyone I would have been matched up with. You would be reading a very different entry if that was the case…

Now where are we now? This is the “Final Four” semifinal matchup. I play theDyslexicDominatrixes, while The Trumpeting Platypi are matched up against Scoregasm on the other side of the bracket. All four of these teams are very solid and have a great shot of winning the Championship.

Here’s the playoff brackets as of this moment (1:26 p.m. on December 16th).

For my current roster, I have made a couple changes throughout the week in preparation for a playoff run. I picked up QB Sam Bradford to have behind QB Tom Brady and have messed around with my defense, which are pretty awful, so I’m trying matchups. Aside from that, my team has mostly remained the same.

Here’s the current Taggerung’s roster.

For this week…

Last week I didn’t play anyone, my team put up a solid 91.84 points, but would have lost in most every game – even the consolation bracket games.


This week is theDyslexicDominatrixes, who began the year on the top of the league and didn’t relinquish first until the final week of the regular season when I, rather ironically, took over that spot. I lost the first matchup, 93.92-115.48. This week means a heck of a lot more, assuming you take Fantasy Football as seriously as I do.

The Dominatrixes have Peyton Manning at quarterback, which is always a threat and also has RB Ray Rice in the same game. Both players should carry the Dominatrixes this week. Other RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis already put up 16.60 points on Thursday Night Football, which is a great game. The wide receivers are where I have a shot. Dwayne Bowe is on IR, Larry Fitzgerald is a beast if he has a QB with a pulse throwing to him, and Julio Jones is always capable of dominating in the real world and Fantasy World. The Chicago Bears DST is a major threat – they actually are what beat me in the first matchup – and the other guys should put up decent numbers.

My team has some intriguing matchups. Brady is in a tough one against the 49ers, but it is in Foxboro and… it’s Tom Brady.

My running backs are suddenly a headache after going the entire year with them injured. I can’t decide between Darren McFadden and Shonn Greene. I also have Demarco Murray and Darren Sproles who demand some attention when selecting lineups. I have McFadden here right now, bu I can’t wait until he injures himself or just ruins all my hopes and dreams. Then again… wouldn’t Greene do the same?

My wide receivers are set. A.J. Green put up a double-digit stat line in Philly on Thursday, which is nice. Demaryius Thomas is solid in most weeks and Randall Cobb has become a must-start as well.

TE Aaron Hernandez is a must-start, assuming he plays, and K Connor Barth is hopefully going to put up some numbers. I went with the Vikings DST because of their matchup against St. Louis and hopefully they manage something significant.

This should be close. I hope I can pull it out and make it to the Championship, but it already seems like a bit of a long-shot. I’m not exactly positive in my assessment, but can’t that be expected to a certain extent? On the other side of the bracket, I think the Platypi will pull out the win, so whoever wins this game could have a matchup against the first All Pro League champion.

Author: Blaine

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