Fantasy Football Diary 12: Pushing for the Playoffs

The All Pro League is finally coming to a close. After 12 weeks of working with injuries, poor play and superstars simply being super, the All Pro League has found the contenders for the title… well… mostly. There is one team on the cusp who, with help, could potentially make it in the top six for the playoffs.

This week is the final week for the Cuban Raft Riders to make a push and for the six with the spots to finally finalize the seedings. Anything can happen with every playoff team sporting an 8-4 (2), 7-4-1 (1) or 7-5 (2) record. This could be interesting.

All Pro League Scoreboard

I currently sit at 8-4 and 2nd overall in the league, losing the tiebreaker with theDyslexicDominatrixes, who also have an 8-4 record. The playoffs – which include Weeks 14,15 and 16 – begin next week with the top-6 overall. There are two teams who will have byes for the first round, but those two teams are decided by who wins each respective division. The Dominatrixes and I are in the same division, which means only one of us can have the first round bye next week. This also means I really would like to win this week and hope the Dominatrixes stumble. Plus, I would love to be the Regular Season Champion for the first time.

I mentioned before that there is a lot to be decided this week for the playoffs. If you are one of those people who likes the scenarios, the league standings can be found below and this week’s schedule can be found to the right as well. Keep in mind that the main tiebreaker is head-to-head, which I realize could be hard to use without a little more information, but still… it’s kind of fun to look at.

Pretty much the biggest thing is if the Cuban Raft Riders beat the Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos this week. The Kangaroos are 7-5 and the Raft Riders are 6-6, but with a win, the Raft Riders could pull into a tie. Their head-to-head would be 1-1, so it would go to a “points for” tiebreaker, which could be interesting. Then teams like the Trumpeting Platypi and the Devilishly Blue Dominators need to win to avoid losing their playoff spot to the Raft Riders. Interesting.

Here are the standings:

As for my team… it’s all starting to come together. I had picked up running backs, Bryce Brown and Jalen Parmele last week and I started both of them. Parmele ended the game on IR and Brown ended up being a high scorer in Monday Night. Parmele has been replaced by the Bills D/ST, which isn’t exactly elite of course, but they have some favorable matchups in the next couple weeks before Washington’s D/ST should take over with great matchups.

It’s all about planning.

My running backs, Darren Sproles, Darren McFadden and Demarco Murray, are finally back or coming back from injury, which is good. My wide receivers continue to carry my team as the backs struggle.

Here’s my roster as of December 2nd.

Last Week…

Last week was against the Bounty Hunters. I won the game 110.62-70.34 and boy… I got a bunch of points from Brown and QB Tom Brady. Brady put up 31.42 points against the Jets on Thanksgiving night and Brown ran for over 170 yards and two touchdowns. He also fumbled twice, which accounted for -4.00 fantasy points. When it was all said and done, he finished with 26.90 points.

Throw in double-digit performances from WR A.J. Green and WR Demaryius Thomas and you have a pretty good showing for the Taggerungs. The other thing to note is TE Aaron Hernandez. He didn’t do much this week, but he could have had a touchdown after he pushed off on one and got called for pass interference.

On the other side, QB Phillip Rivers played well, but didn’t do enough in fantasy. RB Marshawn Lynch had an uncharacteristically quiet game. I also managed to avoid a “Go off for three touchdowns” performance from WR James Jones, who scores in bunches traditionally.

For this week…

This week is against McTuffy and da Steamrollers. I played them earlier in the season and won 107.90-77.00. This team is also my brother’s team, which adds something. The Steamrollers have had a rough season in that, they have a bunch of talented players, but things just haven’t come together.

Quarterback Matt Ryan already played and only put up 10.40 points, which is very good for me. He normally puts up 20+ and is capable of even more.

The running backs are Adrian Peterson, who is a beast, leads the league in rushing and is still a top fantasy back. Mikel Leshoure is underutilized in Detroit, but he has ability and is a very formidable red zone back. I am lucky that he isn’t playing LeSean McCoy.

The receivers are Greg Jennings, who is back from injury after missing most of the season. He can definitely put up points, but it’s hard to predict at this point. Marques Colston had a nice 7.10 point stat line on Thursday night. Jeremy Kerley is a big question mark just like all New York Jets players. I am really concerned about TE Jason Witten. He could dominate against a Philadelphia defense that has been awful.

My team is interesting. I have Brady, who is a required start. I also am riding the momentum of Brown into Sunday night football. I am also going with one of the Cowboy running backs. Felix Jones and Demarco Murray are questionable, but should play. If I see something before the game, which signals that one will play more than the other. I will adapt. I just couldn’t start McFadden and I didn’t trust Sproles on Thursday. I never trust Shonn Greene.

My receivers are set as normal. Green, Thomas and Randall Cobb are my guys because nearly every one is impossible to logically bench. I am hoping Hernandez returns to “Elite TE” form and hopefully the Bills defense makes me look smart instead of playing like… well… the Bills normally do.

This game not only has household bragging rights on the line, but with a win, I could move into first in the league and win the regular season. If I can get to first, I can then sit on a first-round bye and wait for my running backs to finally reclaim their top spot on the depth chart. Today could be fun to watch.

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