Fantasy Football Diary 11: Balanced Win

I am desperately pushing for the playoffs at this point. Our league is pretty close in terms of record with nearly every team in a position to possibly make the playoffs. I’m not in one of the “unlikely” positions, but I need every win I can get.

The problem is that I don’t have any running backs who are really healthy, much less top options. Darren McFadden is still injured, as is Demarco Murray. Darren Sproles is now back, but is suddenly a part of a four-headed backfield in New Orleans. My other runners are anything, but reliable. Felix Jones has done well in place of Murray, but he is inconsistent. I also have Shonn Greene, who is just impossible to trust in most every situation unless the matchup is one I could play and be a top fantasy back. In response of this situation, I picked up Eagles RB Bryce Brown and Jaguars RB Jalen Parmele. I’ll have more on them, but while I do feel good about them, they could be worthless.

Oh boy.

I currently sit at 7-4 and 4th in the All Pro League. That puts me comfortably in the playoffs, if they began today, but nothing is too comfortable in this league. There are thee teams sitting at 6-5 and there is one at 5-6. If I lose, I’m suddenly in a dogfight for the playoffs. Here are the standings. Keep in mind that the top-six teams make the playoffs.

As I said before, I have recently picked up Parmele and Brown. Both are more for spot-plays, meaning that I only intend on playing them this week and maybe next week if the true starters for their teams need another recovery week. Obviously, they will be expendable if my top running backs return from their injuries.

Some good news is that TE Aaron Hernandez is finally back. He played on Thanksgiving, and while I was certainly looking for more, he played well for his first game back from an ankle injury, keeping him out of a bunch of games.

Here is my roster as of November 25th.

Last Week…

Last week I played the ginger snaps and won 111.64-85.64. It was a solid, balanced win with three double-digit performances from my wide receivers. I had a top-notch performance from QB Tom Brady for 25.24 points and I got just enough from Felix Jones and Shonn Greene with 11.50 points and 6.40 points, respectively. The Redskins defense got me 17.00 points in a great matchup with the QB Nick Foles led Eagles.

I got lucky with QB Matt Stafford playing in a surprisingly defensive game vs. the Packers and WR Mike Wallace putting up only 0.40 points. The real story is the 81.60 points on the bench, but to be fair, there is no way you play those players over any of them that were played.

For this week…

This week is against The Bounty Hunters. I played them in Week 1 and won in that one, 107.84-79.64. This week means more and should be closer. The Bounty Hunters have QB Philip Rivers playing the Ravens, which is a toss-up. It is at home, so that sounds like a good thing for Rivers.

Running backs Marshawn Lynch and Frank Gore are must-starts in Fantasy land. Gore is playing the New Orleans Saints, who have struggled this season against running backs. They give up the 2nd-most fantasy points to running backs.

James Jones and Mike Williams are both wide receivers who could put up solid numbers. Santana Moss already put up a great 10.20 point game on Thanksgiving day against the Cowboys.

The rest of the players for the Bounty Hunters are in solid matchups. I expect some respectable numbers from them.

I really lucked out with QB Tom Brady putting up 31.42 points against the Jets on Thursday. Anytime you can get 30+ points, it certainly helps.

My running backs are a big question mark. Jalen Parmele has a great matchup against the Tennessee Titans. He did well against the Texans last week, so hopefully that continues. Bryce Brown is playing on Monday night. He is a rookie and a 7th-rounder at that, but this isn’t your everyday late draft pick running back. Brown, coming out of high school was higher rated than the Browns rookie running back, Trent Richardson. He has talent and has shown it with a 7+ yard per carry average to this point.

My wide receivers are staying the same this week. A.J. Green is a must start against the Raiders poor defense. Same for Demaryius Thomas against the Chiefs. Suddenly Randall Cobb is impossible to bench as well. He is Aaron Rodgers’ favorite receiver in Green Bay against the Giants poor pass defense.

I got 3.60 points from TE Aaron Hernandez and 7.00 points from the Redskins defense. I hope K Blair Walsh continues his impressive fantasy season with another double-digit performance.

The Taggerungs could use this win, of course. If I pull out the win, I could further legitimize my playoff spot and possibly push into a first-round bye week, which would be great if my running backs continue to sit out games. The problem here is just how my team disappoints when they should play well according to matchups. There is something about this week, which makes me think I could have some problems.

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