Fantasy Football Diary 9: Jinxed Myself

“Injuries. The end of life as we know it in Fantasy land. You draft, you set your lineup and then you watch as one of your players goes down with injury. Ok, so I haven’t had it bad. I have luckily avoided most injuries this season with my roster of champions (‘knock on wood’).”

I said that… no really look. Now, I live the torment of knowing I jinxed myself. If you know my team, you know what I’m talking about. Last week alone, I had RB Darren Sproles out with injury (hand surgery) going into the week, RB Demarco Murray still recovering from injury and then it happened.

The sky fell down.

RB Darren McFadden goes down with a high-ankle sprain (everyone saw it coming at some point this season) and then only moments later, his backup, RB Mike Goodson goes down with the same… exact… injury.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping TE Martellus Bennett puts up respectable points in my barnburner against the Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos and then he goes down with some sort of ankle injury. Even WR Demaryius Thomas gets hobbled after putting up solid numbers early in his game against Cincinnati before teammate Eric Decker scores two touchdowns.

Are you kidding me?

So now I sit here typing with Rashad Jennings and Shonn Greene as my starters this week at running back. I apologize in advance for my pessimism.

I’m 5-4 now after losing last week to the Kangaroos. I sit at 5th in the league, tied with four other teams. TheDyslexicDominatrixes are still 1st in the league at 8-1 with Scoregasm still in 2nd with his 6-2-1 record. Yeah, I play Scoregasm this week…

If you want to know more about the All Pro League, check it out here.


As for my legendary roster, you may have heard that I’m struggling with some injuries of sort. I also made another trade with the Bounty Hunters by giving up Bennett and WR Mike Williams for TE Aaron Hernandez and WR Michael Crabtree. I am very pleased with the trade because I was sick of Bennett underperforming (for my expectations) and Williams never being good enough to start over my other wide receivers, but always outperforming one of them.

Hernandez could be a huge addition if he gets back on the field (another injury that is affecting my team). Crabtree is a step down from Williams, but could put up solid numbers if you start him in the right matchup.

Here’s my roster as of November 11. Please notice the “O”s for being ruled “Out”.

Last Week…

I lost last week to the Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos, 96.88-74.32. I can put up with losing, but when you lose the way I did, it’s frustrating. During the first run of games, I was winning by a lot. My Taggerungs were in control. Then, in the closing minutes of those same games, things turned. RB Chris Johnson had something like 5 points against the Bears and then he breaks an 80-yard touchdown run late in the 4th quarter… that’s a 12-point swing right there. Then within the next minute, WR Torrey Smith scores a late touchdown against Cleveland to put that game out of reach. Prior to that, he had around 2 points… that’s another 8-point swing.

Then my team. Schaub does well with 18.62 points and A.J. Green puts up 16.50 points, but everyone else struggled in some way. McFadden obviously got injured, which screwed everything up. Jennings put up a miserable 7.20 (miserable in how he even managed that) and Thomas and Bennett were slowed by their injuries. My once proud Vikings defense gave me hardly anything in a tough matchup against Seattle and I watched as once again, my benched wide receivers make me look idiotic. Williams puts up 12.80 points and the suddenly must-start Randall Cobb puts up 18.60 points on my bench. Rough week.

The Gamecenter:

For this week…

I needed motivation this week for setting up my lineup. I have a lot of factors that could make this week pretty rough and I just needed something. I also just bought Madden13 so the natural progression… I watched this prior to lineup picking cause I’m cool like that.

Flash Animation

As for this week, I play Scoregasm. They are 6-2-1 and they are pretty stacked, like most teams I play. They are coming off a loss last week, but are anything, but struggling to win lately. With my problems with my team, I am not feeling too confident this week despite Ray Lewis’ most motivational words.

Here’s the Gamecenter for this week.

QB Eli Manning has a great matchup against a reeling Bengals defense as do RB Andre Brown and WR Victor Cruz. RB Michael Turner plays a swiss cheese Saints defense. WR Miles Austin and WR Malcolm Floyd play against their own matchup of struggling defenses and if TE Rob Gronkowski plays, I’m in trouble. The Texans defense is also a major problem for me. It’s not looking good this week.

My team doesn’t look good. QB Tom Brady is in a great matchup, but any points he scores will most likely go to Gronkowski, which certainly doesn’t help my situation. Jennings failed me by getting only 2.70 points against Indianapolis on Thursday and RB Shonn Greene is playing against a very, very good Seattle defense in Seattle. I don’t feel good about that.

My wide receivers, at least Demaryius Thomas and A.J. Green, have decent matchups against the Panthers and Giants respectively. My third wide receiver is a bit of an issue right now. I have Crabtree playing right now, but that could change in the next hour. Moore has a poor matchup, but could get a bunch of looks and even Broyles has a decent matchup against the Vikings. Crabtree hopefully does well, if I do in fact stick with him.

With Hernandez out, I had to scramble to find a viable tight end. I chose Delanie Walker, hoping he steals a touchdown. I guess I’m looking for a high-scoring affair from the San Francisco 49ers – St. Louis Rams game.

This week is going to be a little rough, but maybe something turns my way. This game doesn’t mean anything as far as rivalries or revenge are concerned, but if I win, I sit a little prettier in the playoff picture, giving my team more time to heal. If I lose, there is a heck of a lot of pressure to turn things around next week before a playoff appearance is a thing of the past.

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