Fantasy Football Diary 8: Now I’m Scrambling

Injuries. The end of life as we know it in Fantasy land. You draft, you set your lineup and then you watch as one of your players goes down with injury. Ok, so I haven’t had it bad. I have luckily avoided most injuries this season with my roster of champions (‘knock on wood’). With that said, I am finally confronting my first injury situation. RB Darren Sproles just got surgery on his hand and could be out the remainder of the season.

I was never really a huge fan of Sproles, but he was a surprisingly consistent performer who put up enough points to help me out on a couple occasions. The bigger issue right now is that I’m still waiting on Demarco Murray to get healthy, Shonn Greene is on a bye week and I need to hold onto Mike Goodson because Darren McFadden is the epitome of brittle. Throw in the fact that our waiver wire is picked clean of all possible contributors and I’m sort of in a rough spot.

Luckily, I made a last-minute trade with my brother, of all people, giving him WR Lance Moore for RB Rashad Jennings. We will see.

In the league, I am 3rd in the league overall at 5-3. I still sit behind Scoregasm (6-1-1) and theDyslexicDominatrixes (7-1). Two other teams share my 5-3 record, but I rank higher because of my “points for” stat, which is also 3rd in the league. The league is once again a 12-team league with standard scoring (with a couple bonus points here or there for rare performances – 200+ rushing yards… etc.). Please consult Diary entry 1 for further league details.

League Standings…

And… here’s my roster as of November 4th (post-trade).

Last Week…

Last week was against The Cuban Raft Riders. I managed to win 104.66-68.22. What can I really say? Everything sort of worked out. Tom Brady put up one of his better performances of the year with 28.46 points, my wide receivers continue to be the strength of my team. Denarius Moore put up 15.60 points, Randall Cobb began the day with 8.80 points thanks to his one touchdown and then when I needed a finisher, Demaryius Thomas did more than Eric Decker on Sunday Night Football. Throw in surprisingly solid performances from, not one, but both of my running backs and I can’t really complain.

Ok, I could complain about how TE Martellus Bennett has become somewhat worthless or how the Vikings defense was one of the worst in all of football last week despite being a top point scorer over the course of the season, but luckily everyone else did what they were supposed to do.

The Cuban Raft Riders, unfortunately, didn’t get the same sort of help. All of the matchups looked good and all the right people were in the lineup, but it was just one of those weeks where players underperform and they all seem to be on your team. How often does QB Drew Brees only put up 14.72 points in Fantasy Football? Or wide receivers Wes Welker and Jeremy Maclin combine for around 7 points? RB Ahmad Bradshaw didn’t even have a good game with only 5.80 points due to his 78 rushing yards and a fumble. I was happy with it, but I honestly did not expect these sorts of numbers from the Raft Riders lineup.

For this week…

I play the Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos. On paper, it looks like a pretty tight matchup. The Kangaroos are 4-4 and are currently 7th in the league. They lost last week, to McTuffy and da Steamrollers, but had a decent point total of 88.98, so chalk it up as a game where the McTuffy’s won the game as opposed to the Kangaroos losing it… if that makes sense.

The Kangaroos have QB Mike Vick, who can go off whenever – especially against the New Orleans awful defense. RB Chris Johnson doesn’t have a very favorable matchup against Chicago, but he isn’t my concern. It’s Arian Foster. Foster is playing against one of the worst defenses in the league and in Fantasy circles, any owner with players going against Buffalo begins salivating. It’s bad. Foster is projected to put up 30 points and, honestly, I think it may be an underestimation.

WR Roddy White is playing against the tough Dallas defense, but it’s his turn to go off in the Atlanta offense. The other wide receivers have good matchups. Nothing really special, but I bet Titus Young goes off and makes me regret not devoting a couple paragraphs to him.

My team is a little random this week. Brady is on bye so I’m running with Matt Schaub against that porous Buffalo defense, which may workout in my favor. Rashad Jennings is playing Detroit…yeah… I don’t know what to think about that. Detroit has been good against running backs in fantasy terms, but has recently given up a ton of yards to them.

McFadden is against a very good Buccaneers defense, Demaryius Thomas is playing against Cincinnati who has played better against the pass, but has never beaten Peyton Manning…ever. A.J. Green is a beast, but is also sure to keyed on by Denver and Champ Bailey. Moore has a good looking matchup against that same Buccaneers defense, which happens to be a top run defense and ranked 30th against the pass.

I just want a couple points out of Martellus Bennett and the defense better play better than last week.

What does this all mean? Well… if I win, I will be happy. Ok, well what it really means is that I could move into sole position of 3rd place. I could also close the gap on Scorgasm and distance myself from the other 5-3 teams. The Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos also happen to be the reigning All Pro League champion. It would be nice to win, but once again, my pessimism makes me think I won’t be too happy come Tuesday morning.

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