Fantasy Football Diary 7: Benching All Your Points

Everyone who has ever played Fantasy Football has experienced this. You set your starting lineup, feel good about it and then watch as every player you benched due to bad matchups or whatever play lights out with no benefit to you. It always happens. Heck, it’s the reason we play Fantasy Football. We try to pick the perfect lineup and despite our best efforts, the Fantasy Football Gods frown upon our attempts and ruin our hopes.

Well, I did that this week. I still won – thanks to some mediocre performances on both sides – but any other matchup and I lose this week, despite nearly matching my point totals with my bench. It was all thanks to my inability to pick the right set of wide receivers, but more on that later.

The All Pro League is entering Week 8 and I’m 4-3. TheDyslexicDominatrixes lost last week and remain at the top of the league at 6-1. My team, the Taggerungs, are currently 4th in the league despite sharing my 4-3 record with three other teams.

The league standings as of now.

This week’s moves for the Taggerungs have been dropping Arizona RB, William Powell, and picking up Denver TE, Joel Dreessen. Powell suddenly is a only a handcuff for one of the most injury ravaged and challenged backfields in the league and Dreessen is a player who, as of late, has gotten red zone targets from Peyton Manning. I also recently traded Seattle WR, Sidney Rice, for the injured Dallas RB, Demarco Murray. Murray helps me with my weak RB situation, especially down the road, and Rice helps my trade partner with WR troubles.

If you want to know more about the league itself, please check out Diary entry 1 or any of the other Diary entries found in the “Fantasy Football Diary” category.

My roster as of October 26th.

Last Week…

Last week, I played mr dr condor and pulled out a win, 87.26-65.00. In the low scoring affair, both of our top players underperformed and both of us ended up with big performances on our benches. For example, I actually finished with 73.34 points on my bench… I lucked out.

I spent most of last week trying to decide on my wide receivers and I actually completely missed the mark. I got 9.60 points out of Oakland’s Denarius Moore and 6.80 points out of Cincinnati’s A.J. Green, but it’s what I benched that frustrates me. I benched Green Bay’s Randall Cobb who went off for 89 receiving yards, two receiving touchdowns and even another 19 rushing yards. That meant 22.80 points on my bench from him. New Orleans’ Lance Moore was benched and had 121 receiving yards (12.10 points) and even with my running backs I screwed up when Jets’ Shonn Greene kept up his strong stretch as of late accumulating 14.80 points against a very good Miami Dolphins defense.

For my opponent, a lot of things went wrong. First, Cleveland RB, Trent Richardson, gets hurt again/benched because he wasn’t looking 100% against Indianapolis. He only manges 1.90 points on the day. Then Minnesota TE, Kyle Rudolph, puts up a goose egg and then with Cincinnati QB, Andy Dalton, and Detroit’s stud WR, Calvin Johnson, to play… they account for only 9.50 points… combined. Thank you Charles Tillman and that Bears defense on Monday night.

The Gamecenter…

For this week…

I play The Cuban Raft Riders this week. They are 5-2, on a three-game winning streak and are currently 3rd in the league – just ahead of me. The Raft Riders have a great team with solid matchups across the board… as my opponents always do. QB Drew Brees plays Denver, but really the opponent is irrelevant with him. RB Matt Forte goes against a Carolina defense, which has given up the 8th-most fantasy points to running backs (ESPN).

They also sport wide receivers Eric Decker, who will be competing directly with my own Demaryius Thomas against the swiss cheese Saints defense, Wes Welker, who will be catching passes from my own Tom Brady and Jeremy Maclin, who is just good. Factor in TE Tony Gonzalez, who is one of the top tight end point getters and they look pretty good.

My team doesn’t look bad on paper either, but, as you know, I’m a bit pessimistic in fantasy land. I like Tom Brady against a St. Louis defense, which was torched last week by Aaron Rodgers and McFadden has a solid matchup on paper against the Chiefs. My wide receivers look good on paper with Thomas against the Saints, as I mentioned, and what about Randall Cobb against the 24th pass defense? Also, Cobb could benefit from Jordy Nelson sitting out this week due to injury.

I’m always worried about benching the wrong wide receivers, but what can I really do about that? I feel good about my choices this week.

You also may have noticed that the Thursday Night game could ruin me. My K, Blair Walsh, had a solid game because of one 50+ yard field goal, but my normally reliable Vikings defense gave me -3.00 points… That could hurt later on.

What does this all mean? I need to win to distance myself from the back and this should be a very difficult fantasy football matchup. The Cuban Raft Riders are on a three-game winning streak and I imagine this game will come down to one player putting up huge numbers. Hopefully it’s a player on my team and hopefully it’s not someone on my bench…

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