Fantasy Football Diary 6: Beaten by one

I can’t stand Fantasy Football sometimes. Seriously… it’s a game of educated chance. A game where you make an educated guess, hope your players do well in a favorable matchup and accept the consequences of your decisions. Sure, we love it, but everything is out of your control. Why this sudden outrage? Well, I lost… but it’s more how I lost. I scored the second most points in the entire league after successfully starting RB Shonn Greene (34.10 points) and lost. Obviously I lost to the team who scored the most. I would have beaten every other team… ugh.

As for the league… I now sit at 3-3. TheDyslexicDominatrixes are still undefeated and after this past weekend’s unfortunate outcome, I now am 5th in the league, 2nd in my division and, technically, in the playoffs. I don’t feel comfortable at 3-3 yet – there are 5 teams sharing the record – but if I get a couple players to show up down the stretch, I have a shot. Here’s the current league outlook.

If you need any background on the league itself, please consult Diary entry 1. If you just want to catch up on my ramblings about my up and down fantasy team, check out the “Fantasy Football Diary” blog category to the right.

For my team… check out my flawed roster below. I’m still trying to improve my running back situation, but I am pleasantly surprised by my wide receivers’ performances. We will see. My roster as of October 19th.

Last Week…

I already gave you a brief description of how last week ended. The Death Eaters beat me 134.08-128.00. The next highest scoring team had 121.72… How did I get into such a shootout? The full Gamecenter is below, but pretty much this game had all the top scorers of the week. I started RB Shonn Greene, who put up 34.10 points (I still feel incredibly smart for starting him even though I really had no other option) and, of course, WR A.J. Green who scored 25.50 points. I also had solid outings from QB Tom Brady (19.80), RB Darren McFadden (13.80) and WR Randall Cobb (10.20). Of course, despite those showings, I had three receivers on my bench who would have done better than Cobb or Demaryius Thomas (9.70), which sucks.

My opponent played QB Robert Griffin III (35.08 points), WR Jordy Nelson (30.10 points) and then, on Monday Night football, TE Antonio Gates goes for 20.10 points. I was, in fact, winning going into that game rather significantly.

Of course, I then had to watch as everything I loved came crashing down as the Fantasy Football gods wrecked havoc on my hopes and dreams. With each successful pass to Gates, fear, panic and dread seeped further into my psyche. Each touchdown was those same gods ripping out my heart in a fit of rage stemming from my self proclaimed “football knowledge”. Then I had to watch as Thomas caught one touchdown pass. A glimmer of hope. Then shot down by his uncharacteristic play down the stretch. I had to watch as Denver took the lead, didn’t need Thomas and ran out the clock with my team only losing by six points. Everything that could tear at my very being occurred.

But bitter? Nah… I’m not bitter.

For this week…

This week I play mr dr condor. I don’t know about the name either. It’s clever. As for the team, they are 1-4-1 and on a four game losing streak. I would normally celebrate this misfortune, but as I made clear in the writing above, the Fantasy Football gods hate me… The team is built around young players and a very strong receiving core. That core includes Calvin Johnson, Steve Johnson and Hakeem Nicks, who when healthy has played very well. They also have TE Kyle Rudolph who is currently a top 5 TE in Fantasy land. The running backs are Doug Martin and Trent Richardson who just so happen to have dream matchups this week.

Outside of the obvious dream matchups for my opponent, once again, I have some of my own dilemmas. Brady is facing the Jets defense, which normally works out, but New York has suddenly gotten more out of their pass defense. McFadden and Sproles are in good matchup and with Saints TE, Jimmy Graham, out with an injury, Sproles is supposed to get a good share of looks. My wide receivers need to replace Thomas, who is on a bye, and while this is the current lineup for me now, I may play Cobb instead of D. Moore by game time. Both have potential this week. I need much more from TE Martellus Bennett than what I’ve been getting lately. I have chalked it up to bad matchups to this point, but my patience is waning.

Mr dr condor is a team which has lost four straight games, but in three of the six games, the opponent has scored over 120 points. This isn’t a bad team, but rather a team, which has simply been outscored by teams where everything went right. For what it matters, I’m projected to lose 113.06-84.44 based on projected totals. Oh boy… another week of this…

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