Week 7 Predictions

Last week I was awful (4-10). I’ll just leave it at that… The teams on bye are the Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers.

Thursday, 10/18 – 8:20 pm ET

Seattle Seahawks 4-2 @ San Francisco 49ers 4-2

Prediction: San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco just got clobbered at home against the New York Giants. Seattle is coming off a huge win at home against the Patriots. Seattle plays differently at home and San Francisco played angry after their last loss. I think Seattle’s lack of threatening offense is apparent in this one.

Sunday, 10/21 – 1:00 pm ET

Arizona Cardinals 4-2 @ Minnesota Vikings 4-2

Prediction: Minnesota Vikings

Arizona backup QB, John Skelton, gets another go at the starting job with Kevin Kolb injured. Kolb is injured, in part, because the Arizona offensive line has been awful. Minnesota’s defense is capable of putting pressure against a good offensive line. Minnesota also plays much better at home.

Dallas Cowboys 2-3 @ Carolina Panthers 1-4

Prediction: Dallas Cowboys

Dallas is a more talented team on paper. Of course, that doesn’t mean a thing after the opening kickoff. I’ll go with Dallas because they should win this. They have a great defense, capable offensive playmakers and Carolina’s offense and defense are struggling. If Carolina’s Cam Newton finally finds his groove from last season, Dallas could be in trouble though.

New Orleans Saints 1-4 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-3

Prediction: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

At the beginning of the season, I would have felt very comfortable choosing the Saints, but New Orleans has looked bad defensively and the offense hasn’t been good enough to keep them level. Tampa Bay has overachieved and played some very good teams close. I think Tampa Bay wins this despite a good offensive showing by the Saints.

Green Bay Packers 3-3 @ St. Louis Rams 3-3

Prediction: Green Bay Packers

Green Bay finally looked like Green Bay of last season in their domination of the, then, undefeated Houston Texans in Houston. Green Bay should follow suit by beating St. Louis, but I think this game will be closer than many expect. St. Louis has been playing well at home and their defense is better than advertised.

Washington Redskins 3-3 @ New York Giants 4-2

Prediction: New York Giants

Washington has been exciting to watch and QB Robert Griffin III has looked very impressive. With that said… the Giants defense will be ready. Their defense looked good last week and with the athleticism they have on their defensive line, they should be able to manage RG3. The Giants offense also has a wonderful matchup against the Redskins defense, which has been pretty awful.

Baltimore Ravens 5-1 @ Houston Texans 5-1

Prediction: Houston Texans

Houston just got clobbered at home last week on national television. Baltimore is a very good team, but their offense isn’t quite as imposing as a clicking Green Bay attack. Baltimore also has issues on defense with LB Ray Lewis and CB Lardarius Webb out for the season now and OLB Terrell Suggs missing another game to injury. Houston should get back on track. This is a chance for Ravens QB, Joe Flacco, to prove he is a top-tier QB against the Houston defense.

Tennessee Titans 2-4 @ Buffalo Bills 3-3

Prediction: Tennessee Titans

Heck if I know who wins this game. It’s two teams who have underachieved this season. Both lack a stable defense and both are wildly inconsistent on offense. I’ll ride Tennessee’s momentum from beating Pittsburgh last week, but I see Buffalo’s offense having success. Heck… maybe we even see Titans RB, Chris Johnson, play like he used to this week against a poor run defense.

Cleveland Browns 1-5 @ Indianapolis Colts 2-3

Prediction: Cleveland Browns

This may be the only time all year I pick the Browns. Why? I don’t know… the Browns defense has been bad all year, but the return of CB Joe Haden makes their defense as a whole better. Indianapolis’ defense hasn’t been perfect either. I just think Cleveland carries their momentum from their first win of the season last week.

Sunday, 10/21 – 4:25 pm ET

New York Jets 3-3 @ New England Patriots 3-3

Prediction: New England Patriots

New England normally finds a way to pull out a win against New York and I think they do it again. The one thing to keep in mind though with New York is… they have started the past couple years poorly only to turn it around when their backs are against the wall. Sure last year they didn’t turn it around, but you get my point. They play best when they need a win desperately.

Jacksonville Jaguars 1-4 @ Oakland Raiders 1-4

Prediction: Oakland Raiders

Oakland played well last week in a losing effort to Atlanta. Jacksonville is nowhere near Atlanta’s level, but many believe the way Oakland played last week was an anomaly. I think Oakland wins more thanks to Jacksonville having to travel to the West Coast than getting outmatched by the Raiders.

Sunday, 10/21 – 8:20 pm ET

Pittsburgh Steelers 2-3 @ Cincinnati Bengals 3-3

Prediction: Cincinnati Bengals

If I was picking this game any other week, I’m probably picking Pittsburgh. Both teams are coming off bad losses on the road to Tennessee (PIT) and Cleveland (CIN). Both teams have played much worse than they should be by this point in the season and both need to win this game desperately. Pittsburgh seems to be showing a chink in the Steel Curtain with injuries and an awful run game plaguing their season. Cincinnati isn’t much better, but the game is in Cincinnati and on national television. I think Cincy steals this one.

Monday, 10/22 – 8:30 pm ET

Detroit Lions 2-3 @ Chicago Bears 4-1

Prediction: Chicago Bears

Detroit doesn’t seem ready to be a legitimate contender in the NFC North. They haven’t looked sharp and their defense still limits their potential. Chicago, on the other hand, has really come on and is looking formidable. The Bears defense is turning the ball over and I think that, and it being a home game for Chicago, means trouble for the Lions.

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