Fantasy Football Diary 5: Beaten by the Bears D

We now head into Week 6 of the NFL season and within my fantasy league, I sit 4th overallfollowing my loss to theDyslexicDominatrixes. I am 3-2 and second in my division behind the aforementioned team (who is now 5-0).

Going on around the league, there is the one 5-0 team, a team at 4-0-1, three teams at 3-2, four 2-3 teams, one 1-3-1 and two teams at 1-4. Obviously, the league is still very much in the air.

The “All-Pro League” is a 12-team league with standard scoring. It is an assembly of high school friends and a variety of football knowledge. For background, check out Diary entry 123, and 4.

Here’s a check on the current standings as well as our cleverly chosen team icons…

As for my team… here’s my current roster as of October 14th. 

Last Week…

Last week was against theDyslexicDominatrixes and I lost, 115.48-93.92. The reason? Well, everything looked pretty good for the most part. I had checked in at about halftime for the second group of afternoon games and I was down a mere 4 points with RB Darren Sproles left to play. All things considered, I couldn’t be happier. Players were still playing, but if I could keep it close, I had a very real shot of pulling off the upset.

When I returned to the Gamecenter by the end of those games, the score told a very different story. I still had Sproles to play, but I had no shot. The Bears D/ST had put up 28 points on the hapless Jaguars offense, and most all of it occurred in the second half… it was over. Here’s the Gamecenter.

For this week…

This week I take on The Death Eaters. They are currently 1-4, but the team is still, like every team I face, stacked. He has QB Robert Griffin III, RBs Reggie Bush and DeMarco Murray and The Death Eaters even have WRs Jordy Nelson and Andre Johnson. This is a classic team of underachievers with QB Cam Newton on the bench on bye. The matchups aren’t particularly inviting for these players, but it’s fantasy football and anything can happen. Murray has a favorable matchup, if Dallas decides to make the run game a priority (which they should) and Johnson takes on a Green Bay pass defense that has struggled. The Seahawks defense, like the Bears last week, could put together a surprisingly good stat line because they do play at home, albeit against a great New England offense.

My team looks ok on paper. RB Darren McFadden has a good matchup and they, apparently, are recommitted to running the ball. RB Shonn Greene has a decent matchup, but has been awful this season and my WRs are in pretty good shape, once again… on paper. My Vikings defense points will directly correlate with RG3’s points for my opponent. QB Tom Brady plays against a very good Seahawks defense in Seattle, which is always a dangerous prospect. I do take some comfort in having WR Demaryius Thomas playing on Monday Night. It may just give me false hope of pulling out a win.

What does this mean for the league? Well obviously… I’d like to win… And I’m sure The Death Eaters feel the same. So… yeah… that’s all I have. Hopefully I will be moving on to 4-2 by Tuesday morning.

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