Fantasy Football Diary 4: Thank You Tom Brady

We are into Week 5 of the NFL and Fantasy Football season. As of now, I sit 3rd in the league at 3-1 behind Scoregasm (3-0-1) and TheDyslexicDominatrixes (4-0). More importantly though, we get into the meat of the schedule where bye weeks begin to tamper with fantasy team rosters. This can make or break your season. Last year, the stretch of bye weeks is where I turned my season around. These time around it will be interesting to see if my team can maintain success.

For those of you wondering about the league, please consult Diary entry 1 for background info on the league. Also, here are the links for Diary entry 2 and Diary entry 3. Essentially, the league is a standard scoring 12-person league. We start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 DEF.

As for my current roster… I haven’t changed much still. Everyone is just a little too valuable to drop, yet not valuable enough to trade for anything of value. It kinda sucks honestly. I have Tom Brady, some solid WRs, a good TE and two top-tier RBs, but no real depth there.

Here’s my current roster as of October 6th.

Last Week…

Last week I played The Devilishly Blue Dominators. I won by a final score of 93.50 – 72.68, but to be honest… I only won because of the QB matchups. Tom Brady stepped up as my ultra-dominating player of the week by hooking me up with 32 points. For the “Dominators”, Tony Romo decided to only score 6.28 points because of the whole “throwing five interceptions against the Bears thing”. Compound that with another solid outing from A.J. Green (17.70 points) and the Taggerungs were able to outlast a 29 point performance by the “Dominators” San Francisco 49ers defense.

Here’s the Gamecenter from against The Devilishly Blue Dominators.

And while I’m here, can I just take a second to complain about Darren McFadden? He is supremely talented, but only manages 3.8 points? Oakland is running a new blocking scheme. They are now running a zone blocking scheme. This is the same blocking scheme that was removed from the playbook when Hue Jackson became Oakland’s head coach a couple years ago. When new head coach Dennis Allen was hired, he then returned to the zone blocking scheme despite McFadden’s tremendous success in a power or gap blocking scheme. Zone blocking requires a lot of thinking on the running back’s part because the lineman are moving to “zones” and taking on any defender there. Power and gap blocking creates one pathway for the runner. McFadden is incredibly talented and possesses a frightening combination of power and speed. Let him run the way he is most successful! This is a similar dilemma as to what Chris Johnson has been going through in Tennessee. These guys needs their teams to return to power blocking. If not for the teams’ success, do it for my fantasy team… please!

For this week…

I have to play theDyslexicDominatrixes this week. They are the top team in the league at 4-0 and their team is stacked. Like seriously… this week is one of those weeks where all of my good players are on a bye week, while all of their best players are not only playing, but playing in some of the greatest matchups I have seen this season. He has QB Peyton Manning playing in a possible shootout with New England (hopefully Brady wins that statistical matchup for my sake), RB Ray Rice playing against a horrid Chiefs defense, RB Willis McGahee against New England, ensuring all the Denver points count for him, WR Julio Jones against, arguably, the worst pass defense in the league in Washington and the Bears DST against the Jaguars. The more I type, the more I loss hope.

With my team, I hate Ryan Williams. He plays against a bad run defense and does nothing. It’s not all his fault, Arizona’s offensive line is awful, but still. Like seriously… how can I pull this off? I would need Manning to throw all of his touchdowns to Demaryius Thomas, leave McGahee with nothing and, staying with that game, I would need Tom Brady to repeat his 32 point performance… at least. Then I need A.J. Green to also match his 25 point performance from two weeks ago. Oh and WR Randall Cobb would need to actually contribute to Green Bay’s gameplan against the Colts and TE Martellus Bennett needs, at least, double-digits.

Essentially what I’m saying is, I don’t have a shot unless I get two top-ten performances in fantasy.That’s assuming Julio Jones doesn’t get a top-five along with any of those other guys who have a very real shot at that sort of showing. Ehh… 3rd in the league was fun while it lasted.

As for what these means, theDyslexicDominatrixes have a history of winning. They are already 4-0 this season, but they also finished last season 11-2. They lost in the playoffs as well and finished 3rd. Who did they lose to? The Taggerungs. My team was the only team to knock of theDyslexicDominatrixes last season during the regular season and then when they lost in the playoffs? They lost to my brother. So in the last two seasons, they have only lost to my family. I don’t see the trend continuing this week, but I would love for history to repeat this week. Wish me luck. Or not… whatever.

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