Fantasy Football Diary 3: Thank You A.J. Green

Part 3 of the Fantasy Football saga continues. After three weeks of NFL football, I sit at 2-1, 5th overall in the league and 2nd in my division behind the 3-0 DyslexicDominatrixes. I really can’t say I had anything to do with the limited success though. I think the only real lineup change I’ve made to this point is dropping TE Jermaine Gresham, who ended up playing really well anyway, and picking up TE Martellus Bennett who earned 13 points last week as my starter. Aside from that, I’ve pretty much lucked out… or proved I know how to draft a fantasy team… probably the first though.

If you haven’t read any of the other Fantasy Football Diaries please check out the second one here, and check out the first here. The first provides all the background you need for the “All Pro League” and all this league of awesomeness entails.

So, as I said, my roster hasn’t changed too much over the past few weeks. I have been looking for more RB depth and for some reason I keep picking up WRs. Not exactly the sound strategy I need to actually improve my RBs… As for my bench, I go into every week considering all the possibilites, but never think anyone on the bench is good enough to warrant the start. Until we get into more bye weeks, I think I’ll be riding all my top draft picks.

As for what I do have on the team, here is my roster as of September 29th.

Last Week…

Last week was against McTuffy and Da Steamrollers. The team owner is actually my brother so there was a lot riding on this virtual game. His lineup was stacked with top RB talents, albiet RBs in tough matchups. He had QB Matt Ryan ready to go and his WRs weren’t exactly scrubs either.

All of that added up to both of us texting each other throughout the games expecting our teams to fold (we’re confident fantasy football owners). Then the whole “A.J. Green dominates the Redskins” thing occurred. Thank you A.J. Green! The Bengals WR dominated the Redskins for 194 total yards and a touchdown. That’s 25 fantasy points with standard scoring and he is pretty much the reason I won this week. I had some help from RB Darren McFadden surprising the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, Martellus Bennett, WR Lance Moore and the Cowboys defense, which continues to surprise as the top defense in the league (not fantasy, but still). Here’s the Gamecenter against “Da Steamrollers”

Oh, and it would have been nice if I had taken my chances with QB Matt Schaub over Tom Brady. Wasn’t feeling that risky.

For this week…

This week I play The Devilishly Blue Dominators. The Dominators are 1-2 right now with the first win coming last week against The Trumpeting Platypi, 78.12 – 66.52. WR Nate Washington was the key performer with 17 points. As for this week, here’s the Gamecenter.

When you look at the matchups, you see a couple good ones on both sides. The Devilishly Blue Dominators have a great game lined up for RB Ryan Mathews against the Chiefs. Until the last half of the game last week, Kansas City was unable to stop anybody. If they play like they have for most the year, we may see why Mathews is always considered a breakout performer, at my expense. I wouldn’t be surprised. Some of the other matchups aren’t as favorable, but they could all go either way. There is good reason for me to be concerned.

As for my team, I like how this week stacks up. That normally means a terrible week, but at leaston paper, I can feel good. I have QB Tom Brady going against a Buffalo secondary, which should be worse than the Ravens secondary last week. Darren Sproles is someone who do something is what looks to be a high-scoring affair against Green Bay. Neither of those defenses can stop the offenses even if the offenses are a little rusty. Same goes for WR Lance Moore. WR A.J. Green and RB Darren McFadden should be fine in their matchups as well. All in all, things look fine, but even has it’s reservations… I’m projected to lose 126.48 – 121.08. I beat this game ends with the winner in the low-80s. I don’t know why likes to get our hopes up.

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