Fantasy Football Diary 2: Ughh…

I lost. Seriously. I lost. After heading into the weekend confident… I lost. QB Aaron Rodgers and WR Brandon Marshall give the opposing team a total of 12 points and I still lose by over 10 points. It was rough to watch.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please refer to the first diary entry. Essentially, I am a part of a 12-team fantasy league of old friends. The teams in the league are The Cuban Raft Riders, the ginger snaps, mr dr condor, Scoregasm, The Death Eaters, Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos, TheDyslexicDominatrixes, McTuffy and da Steamrollers, The Trumpeting Platypi, The Devilishly Blue Dominators and The Bounty Hunters. My team is called theTaggerungs. We play standard fantasy football scoring, with only a couple, slight changes.

Here is my roster as of September 22nd.

Into Week 2 Roster

Last Week…

I was playing the Trumpeting Platypi. I was going into the game 1-0 and it was against a team that traditionally has dominated the Taggerungs in each season’s first meeting. And when I say dominated, I mean “beat me by 60 points”. I don’t have much luck against this guy. So, I entered last week knowing his QB, Aaron Rodgers, and WR, Brandon Marshall, had combined for just over 12 points. For two top fantasy players combining for that, I felt pretty good. I was so wrong though.

Into Week 2 Gamecenter Taggerungs vs. Trumpeting Platypi

29 points from C.J. Spiller? He’s a great player, but come on! That’s a fantasy killer. Then you combine that with a great 18 point performance from Vincent Jackson, solid points from everywhere else and suddenly my slight advantage from Marshall’s and Rodger’s struggles are gone.

Meanwhile, I sit there watching Darren McFadden do nothing, Tom Brady look mighty pedestrian in a favorable matchup, Ben Tate put up huge points despite being a backup running back and one of my interchangeable WRs put up solid numbers… on the bench. Talk about things not going your way. Trust me, I heard plenty about my team’s struggles. I can only hope round 2 is more favorable next time around.

For this week…

I play McTuffy and da Steamrollers. Da Steamrollers are coming off a close loss to the Bounty Hunters, 91.66-90.36. Here’s a look at the matchup.

Into Week 2 Gamecenter McTuffy Pregame

His team is good. He has Matt Ryan, Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy as his top guys. They don’t have all the most favorable matchups, but I can’t really pick against any of those guys. Also, knowing my luck, one of those “don’t think they will do much guys” will go off for 40 points. Don’t believe me? Check in next week. It will happen.

For my team, I just have awful matchups. I’m still not set on my WRs, but Moore is in one of my few good matchups and Thomas has Peyton Manning throwing to him. He is one of those guys who definitely will go off as soon as you bench him. I’m a little superstitious. Darren McFadden, on the other hand, has a terrible matchup, Tom Brady may play like a normal QB again against the Ravens and my luck just sucks. Chalk both those guys up as other players who you can’t bench unless you want them to go off on your bench.

As far as what this means for bragging rights? This game isn’t just against Da Steamrollers, this game is against my brother. My younger brother. You know a lot rides on this.

It’s impossible to be too serious about Fantasy Football.


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