Fantasy Football Diary 1: Starting Off Strong

I am part of a fantasy football league. The All Pro League. It is a league for the best of the best, the greatest fantasy football players of all time and some of the smartest football minds. Only the very best can find success in this terrifying wasteland of blood, sweat and the pure essence of determination. Only the very best can achieve true fame.

Ok, so the All Pro League is none of those things. Well… it is a fantasy football league, but aside from that, it isn’t quite that intense. The league is made up of some high school friends who were looking to stay in contact as our lives pulled us in different directions.

Now I know you’re wondering why this is a story. Well, I have always loved fantasy football and the ridiculous nature of it. You pick a team of players you can’t control, you pick the lineup each weekend and beg, hope and pray that none of those players in the starting lineup get injured. It’s ridiculous. But, we love it. I thought following the fantasy football season might be an interesting story. Kinda like “Hard Knocks” for fantasy football! Yeah, it didn’t sound that great when I typed it either.

There are 12 of us total and each follows football to a varying degree. Everyone knows more than enough to compete, but there are some who just began following football when we started this league, while there are others who have obsessed over football for their entire lives (and made a website out of it – me). For our purposes, I am only focusing on my team, the Taggerungs. If you don’t know what a Taggerung is, check it out here.

Don’t judge.

The other teams in the league are The Cuban Raft Riders, the ginger snaps, mr dr condor, Scoregasm, The Death Eaters, Kalamazoo Killer Kangaroos, TheDyslexicDominatrixes, McTuffy and da Steamrollers, The Trumpeting Platypi, The Devilishly Blue Dominators and The Bounty Hunters.

It is a 12-person league with standard scoring (a couple bonus points for 200+ rushing yards, 400+ passing yards and return touchdowns). We start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 DEF. We have 6 bench spots. We did a live draft in early August to pick teams.

Here’s my roster as of September 14th.

Last Week…

Last week I played The Bounty Hunters and pulled off the win (yeah I’m going to act like I actually did something to lead the team to victory) 107.84 – 79.64. The score is sort of misleading though. I scored the 4th highest point total in the league, but… I sorta… kinda… lucked out. Here’s the Gamecenter from last week.

Tom Brady was as dominating as ever and Darren McFadden put up double digits (luckily I didn’t need more), but my other Darren (Sproles) only put up 11.50 points after doing absolutely nothing for the first 3 Quarters. I know, I know, New Orleans was playing from behind, but still, I wasn’t ready for a quality fantasy performer to do nothing until late. Luckily, he scored at the end.

I was pleased with the my receivers. When your best receiver puts up a quality 7 points and your other two guys score over double him, it’s a good week. The rest of my team put up decent numbers. Nate Kaeding put up double digits at kicker, which can’t be ignored. My bench was quiet outside of Shonn Greene, but honestly, I wasn’t going to trust Greene after how the Jets played in the preseason.

For this week…

This week, my opponent is The Trumpeting Platypi. The owner for this team is one who follows football quite closely and one I normally spend the weekend watching the games with. You know bragging rights are on this game. Last week, The Trumpeting Platypi were unfortunate enough to lose to TheDyslexicDominatrixes 119.42 – 109.82. It was unfortunate because the Platypi were bit by the injury bug. Bills RB, Fred Jackson, went down to injury after only a couple plays and C.J. Spiller replaced him (also on Platypi’s team). Spiller went off for 23.40 fantasy points. Jets WR Stephen Hill was also on the bench when he scored 20.90 points. It’s unfortunate because nobody in their right mind starts either of those guys last week. More power to you if you were crazy enough to start them though.

As busy as I have been, I just got to writing this despite the fact that Green Bay and Chicago have already played their Thursday Night game (who else hates having to make tough fantasy decisions 3 days before normal?). Thankfully, that ugly offensive game included two of the Platypi starters, Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers, and Bears WR, Brandon Marshall. They did nothing compared to what I thought they would and I’m feeling a little better heading into the weekend. Here are the starting lineups at this moment (as you would imagine, these are subject to change).

 Yeah, that’s how big Thursday night’s game was. Two of the key players did nothing to what they normally would do. My big debate last night was about starting Packers WR Randall Cobb, but seeing how Cobb touched the ball twice on offense (last check), I can only hope Lance Moore does more. Honestly, I feel pretty good about my lineup. My biggest concern, as always, is the health of Darren McFadden. He is a beast, but he is hardly ever healthy and for the life of me, I can’t figure out who is backing him up! I have swapped Taiwan Jones and Mike Goodson a couple times now. Both are considered McFadden’s handcuff depending on what source you read and they were on the field a combined 3 plays last week so I can assume Goodson is the backup if I want to read into that extra play he got over Jones… no thanks.

Here is where my pessimism sets in. I fully expect my bench to go off. Two years ago I lost most of my team to injury in week one (seriously – Kevin Kolb, when he was supposed to start over Vick, Ryan Grant, then the starter in Green Bay, and for some reason I started WR Roy Williams?). Last season I had players who I couldn’t drop because they were supposed to be great and then they did nothing (Shonn Greene, Rashard Mendenhall and Cedric Benson come to mind…).

I haven’t had much luck with Fantasy Football. Or… I’ve just been idiotic when picking my team and setting my lineups… nah… it’s probably more luck related.

Even though the game looks good right now, my fantasy football luck has me thinking I manage to give this one away. Oh… and to add a little fuel to the fire… I have played The Trumpeting Platypi in the last two opening weeks of fantasy before the schedule was changed this year. Didn’t beat them either time (I was actually rocked both times to be perfectly honest). I have managed to win the second time we matched up each season, but I’m still bitter about getting clobbered in the early matchup each of the past two years. This is a fledging rivalry that will be settled come Sunday once and for all (I’m sorry I can’t be that serious for a Fantasy Football post).

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