Week 2 Predictions

Ok, so this could be a little rough. There are a lot of “experts” out there that predict the outcomes of the weekend’s games. Well first things first, I am no expert. I’m not even an “expert” who thinks they are an expert. I am merely the football fan who would love to get a couple of these right. Fact of the matter is, if I could accurately predict games, I would be a heck of a lot better at Fantasy Football. For these predictions, I will be providing a little input on why I believe a particular team will win and I will give a score. Don’t look too far into the score prediction. I’m seriously picking numbers at random.

Thursday, 9/13 – 8:20 pm ET

Chicago Bears 1-0 @ Green Bay Packers 0-1

This is a matchup between two of the top teams in the NFC. Chicago is coming off a dominating victory over the Andrew Luck led Indianapolis Colts, while Green Bay is coming off a home loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Both offenses are dynamic. Defensively, Chicago has a slight upper hand as Green Bay didn’t do anything last week to show they have improved off of last season when they finished dead last in yards given up per game. The game is in Green Bay, which is a very important factor.

Prediction: Chicago 28 – Green Bay 24

I think the game will be close, but I think Chicago finally beats Rodgers and the Packers. The Green Bay defense hasn’t been very impressive and I think the Bears finally have the pieces to take advantage of that.

Sunday, 9/16 – 1:00 pm ET

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-0 @ New York Giants 0-1

Tampa Bay is coming off a big win against the Carolina Panthers and New York is coming off a home loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Last week Tampa Bay’s defense carried the team, but this week they face another steep challenge. New York’s secondary depth was a problem last week, and while it isn’t any better heading into this week, I expect the Giants defense to do its job against a Bucs offense, still trying to find their legs.

Prediction: Tampa Bay 17 – New York 31

I think New York gets back on track. Eli Manning is too good to keep out of the end zone and Tampa Bay’s offense isn’t enough to keep up in a shootout.

Oakland Raiders 0-1 @ Miami Dolphins 0-1

The Raiders lost last week to San Diego after several special teams miscues and offensive struggles gave the Chargers a 22-14 win. Miami, on the other hand, was simply dominated by Houston last week as rookie QB, Ryan Tannehill reminded people that he is in fact… a rookie. Both offenses and defenses aren’t great, but Oakland has the pure talent on offense to put together a great game. Raiders RB, Darren McFadden could have a field day. This could be a tough game to watch.

Prediction: Oakland 28 – Miami 14

I think Tannehill will look better, but ultimately McFadden and the Raiders offense should be able to put up points.

Houston Texans 1-0 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 0-1

Jacksonville just lost to Minnesota last week in overtime. QB Blaine Gabbert played his best game as a pro and Jacksonville’s offense didn’t look nearly as bad as they did last season. With another week under his belt, RB Maurice Jones-Drew may return to his exclusive feature role. Jacksonville’s defense struggled against the run in Minnesota. Houston is off a dominating performance in which they thoroughly controlled the game with a balanced offensive attack and stifling defense.

Prediction: Houston 24 – Jacksonville 10

Houston’s defense will control the game and the running attack will put up some points. I do expect Gabbert to show better than expected, but even elite QBs have trouble with Houston’s defense.

Cleveland Browns 0-1 @ Cincinnati Bengals 0-1

Cleveland almost pulled off the upset against Philadelphia last week, but terrible play from rookie QB, Brandon Weeden, (and really the entire Browns offense) allowed Philly to sneak out of Cleveland with a 17-16 win. Cincinnati on the other hand was clobbered by Baltimore on Monday Night football. Cincy’s defense looked confused by the Ravens no, no-huddle offense and the offense, while effective in the first half, was worthless in the second half. They limped to a 44-13 loss

Prediction: Cleveland 17 – Cincinnati 20

These games always look like gimmes for Cincinnati, but end up being closely contested games that come down to the wire. However, I think Cincinnati’s defense is eager to prove they are a top unit and the Cincinnati offense is looking to take advantage of Browns CB, Joe Haden’s suspension. Bengal WR, A.J. Green could be huge.

Kansas City Chiefs 0-1 @ Buffalo Bills 0-1

The Chiefs are coming off a home loss to the Atlanta Falcons. They lost 40-24 after keeping up with the Falcons high-powered offense and losing it in the second half. Kansas City was forced to play a more pass-heavy game after falling behind, which isn’t their game. Buffalo got slaughtered at the hands of the New York Jets 48-28 and the score shouldn’t have been that close. Bills RB, C.J. Spiller ran for 169 yards after Fred Jackson went down to injury. Spiller is starting this week. Both teams have a lot to prove after getting beat badly last week.

Prediction: Kansas City 17 – Buffalo 14

Don’t ask me why I think this. Kansas City will try to run the ball and control the time of possession. Buffalo will try to get their offense on track, most likely by handing the ball to Spiller. Whoever stops the run will probably pull off the win. I think Kansas City does, but again… don’t ask me why…

Baltimore Ravens 1-0 @ Philadelphia Eagles 1-0

Baltimore dominated Cincinnati last week as their offense couldn’t be stopped and their defense played like Baltimore defenses normally do. Baltimore won 44-13. Philadelphia won also, but they needed some help in Cleveland. They won 17-16 against the Browns despite Eagles QB, Michael Vick, throwing 4 interceptions. RB LeSean McCoy had a solid game with over 100 yards rushing, but the game wasn’t pretty.

Prediction: Baltimore 28 – Philadelphia 35

I know Baltimore was wildly impressive last week against a solid Bengals team, but I just think they lose this week to a newly motivated Eagles team. Philly knows they shouldn’t have been that close to losing to Cleveland and I think they make the adjustments they need to on offense. As for the defense, they will be playing in Philadelphia and the Eagles have one of the most athletic defenses in the league. They should be able to matchup to the Ravens no-huddle. Plus, Philadelphia now has tape to study on Baltimore’s offense.

New Orleans 0-1 @ Carolina Panthers 0-1

New Orleans is coming off a beating from the Washington Redskins and rookie QB, Robert Griffin III. They lost 40-32 at home. The offense was slow to get clicking and the defense was ineffective in stopping Washington. Carolina also is coming off a surprising loss where they lost to Tampa Bay 16-10. QB Cam Newton threw for 303 passing yards and a touchdown, but was rather ineffective against a stingy Buccaneer defense. I imagine both teams will get back on track this week.

Prediction: New Orleans 42 – Carolina 38

I think this game is high-scoring. Carolina should be able to move the ball on New Orleans and the Saints are more than capable of moving the ball on anyone. I’m going to side with the proven offense, which has to be fuming after getting out scored by the Redskins.

Arizona Cardinals 1-0 @ New England Patriots 1-0

Arizona pulled off a win last week against Seattle 20-16, but they lost their starting QB, John Skelton to injury. That just means Kevin Kolb is starting again. In his limited time, he spearheaded the comeback. New England won 34-13 against Tennessee with QB Tom Brady playing a great game and the Patriots defense demonstrating that they could be a force to be reckoned with as the season progresses.

Prediction: Arizona 10 – New England 35

Sorry if I don’t jump back on the Kevin Kolb bandwagon this week. Arizona is playing at New England against one of the best QBs of all-time who is leading the Super Bowl runner-ups from last season. Oh and the Patriots defense is better than what they were a year ago. I have to pick New England here.

Minnesota Vikings 1-0 @ Indianapolis Colts 0-1

Minnesota won their home opener last week against Jacksonville 26-23. The big story for Minnesota was the play of star RB Adrian Peterson, who returned from a major knee injury to run for 2 touchdowns, and the play of QB Christian Ponder, who threw for 270 yards (20-27). Indianapolis is coming off a loss to Chicago where rookie QB Andrew Luck played relatively well despite turning the ball over 4 times.

Prediction: Minnesota 21 – Indianapolis 31

I think Andrew Luck will have his game this week against a porous Viking secondary. Don’t count Minnesota out with Adrian Peterson running for them though.

Sunday, 9/16 – 4:05 pm ET

Washington Redskins 1-0 @ St. Louis Rams 0-1

Washington is coming off a big win against New Orleans where QB Robert Griffin III played exceptionally well. Washington also ran the ball pretty well against the Saints with RB Alfred Morris. St. Louis was a couple plays short of upsetting Detroit in Detroit. If the offense can play better this week and the defense can force turnovers like they did last week, St. Louis could be in business.

Prediction: Washington 24 – St. Louis 17

I think St. Louis plays better than expected and I think the Rams improved secondary maybe gets a pick against RG3, but ultimately I can’t find any reason why the Redskins don’t keep the momentum going and go to 2-0.

Dallas Cowboys 1-0 @ Seattle Seahawks 0-1

Dallas won big against the Giants a week ago on the legs of RB DeMarco Murray and the arm of QB Tony Romo (and WR Kevin Ogletree). The best part about Dallas last week was their defense though, particularly their secondary. Seattle lost against Arizona as rookie QB Russell Wilson got his first start. Seattle’s offense didn’t look like the offense that looked so impressive in the preseason.

Prediction: Dallas 28 – Seattle 21

The game is in Seattle, which always benefits the Seahawks. I can see Dallas actually really being challenged by Seattle, but ultimately, I think the secondary play of Dallas and the play of Tony Romo will get Dallas a win.

Sunday, 9/16 – 4:25 pm ET

New York Jets 1-0 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 0-1

The Jets put up 48 points last week against Buffalo as their offense looked very impressive. Pittsburgh got caught in “Peyton Manning Return” and the Manning led Broncos put away Pittsburgh pretty easily.

Prediction: New York 14 – Pittsburgh 27

I think Pittsburgh comes back angry after getting beat and, honestly, I’m still not buying the Jets hype. I think Pittsburgh’s defense comes back and plays very well forcing turnovers and I think Pittsburgh QB, Ben Roethlisberger is too much even for the Jets defense.

Tennessee Titans 0-1 @ San Diego Chargers 1-0

Tennessee is coming off a loss to New England where QB Jake Locker left the game due to injury. RB Chris Johnson looked bad and nothing really went right. San Diego took advantage of Oakland mistakes and ended up winning 22-14 in Oakland last week.

Prediction: Tennessee 28 – San Diego 21

I think Tennessee gets this one. This is another one that I can’t really explain, but I just think Tennessee wins. If Locker plays, which he is supposed to, then I think him and Chris Johnson are too much for the Chargers defense. I think Johnson gets back on track and plays well.

Sunday, 9/16 – 8:20 pm ET

Detroit Lions 1-0 @ San Francisco 49ers 1-0

Detroit looked unimpressive against St. Louis as QB Matt Stafford threw 3 interceptions. They needed a touchdown in the closing seconds to win. San Francisco travelled to Green Bay last week and beat the Packers 30-22 in a very impressive win.

Prediction: Detroit 20 – San Francisco 24

I think San Francisco wins this game. The Lions have a great offense, but San Francisco has a fantastic defense. The game is in San Francisco and 49ers QB, Alex Smith, should play very well again. He is going up against a poor Lions secondary.

Monday, 9/17 – 8:30 pm ET

Denver Broncos 1-0 @ Atlanta Falcons 1-0

Denver is coming off a great win at home against the Steelers. Broncos QB, Peyton Manning, put together a great game and the defense did enough to hold off Pittsburgh. Atlanta clobbered Kansas City on the road 40-24. The game is in Atlanta.

Prediction: Denver 34 – Atlanta 30

I think points will be scored. I like Denver because of Manning and because Denver’s secondary looks better at this point. I know Falcons QB, Matt Ryan, is more than capable of lighting it up, in fact I think he will, but I just think Manning will lead Denver to another impressive win in primetime.

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