Summer Rewind – Kamerion Wimbley aka “American Ninja Warrior”

June 25th, 2012 – Kamerion Wimbley kills it on “American Ninja Warrior”

NBC – Pro Football Talk

Ok, I’m not going to lie… I thought this was pretty darn cool. Have you ever seen “American Ninja Warrior” or even the original “Ninja Warrior”? Well if haven’t, check out this example. It’s essentially these guys who are strong enough, agile enough and determined enough to make their way through challenging obstacle courses. If they succeed, they are “Ninja Warriors”.

Normally contestants are of the smaller variety. Think… under 6 foot and probably under 200 lbs. Apparently, Tennessee Titans DE, Kamerion Wimbley was watching “American Ninja Warrior” one day when he thought to himself, “I can do that”. So, the 6’4″, 255 lb man decided to audition for the American Ninja Warriorshow. He gets on and he gets his shot at the course. Wimbley has never run through a course like the one on the show. Instead, he watched some videos on Youtube to prepare himself and trusted his football training. Good choice. As you can see by the video below, he absolutely man handles the course, which is very impressive considering his immense size compared to other competitors.

I think this just demonstrates the athleticism that can be found in the NFL, especially in the defensive line. When you look across the league, the physical ability of defensive ends is staggering. Is Wimbley the only DL who could get through this sort of course? I highly doubt it. This is simply because of guys like Dallas’ DeMarcus Ware, NY Giants Jason Pierre-Paul or Baltimore’s Terrell Suggs. The combination of size, strength and speed is just unprecedented in most any other sport.

Now, I know this all has absolutely nothing to do with football, but it’s still something that is pretty cool to watch. Oh, and Wimbley just missed out on the finals after his next round where he finished the course with the 16th fastest time. Only the top 15 moved on the finals. It’s okay though. Wimbley can’t be too down about the NFL season fast approaching.

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