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Coby Fleener

6’6″ – 247 lbs


Strengths – Many people consider Fleener to be the top tight end in this draft class for good reason. Fleener is a polished receiving tight end who possesses above-average speed for the position, which will allow him to challenge defenses down the middle seam. He is tall and has the natural athletic ability to make him a very formidable player when the ball is in the air. His height and vertical make it very difficult for defenders to win a jump ball against him. Route-running is a strength of Fleener’s as he runs crisp routes and knows how to set up the defender. This allows him to maximize his athletic ability. Fleener is also a very smart player who understands defenses and what he needs to do to beat them.

Weaknesses – He isn’t really a dominating blocker. He is a high effort, high intensity player who will take on defenders when the play calls for it, but he is more of a receiving tight end who lacks the upper body strength to really control defenders when he is asked to block. This also affects him because at times he can get pressed at the line of scrimmage by bigger, stronger defenders. While Fleener does possess great athletic ability, he doesn’t have the game-changing speed that some of the elite tight ends have today (for example, Vernon Davis).

Thoughts – Fleener is a great tight end prospect, but one that, in my opinion, probably won’t “change the game” as the new elite tight ends have right away (like San Diego’s Antonio Gates, New England’s Rob Gronkowski or New Orleans Jimmy Graham). Fleener has the tools to be a dangerous offensive weapon, particularly in the red zone, but there just doesn’t seem to be the hype around him as if he is the next Antonio Gates or Jimmy Graham. With that said, he is a great receiving tight end who can be utilized to attack defenses. He just needs to improve in his strength because until then, he may not see the field enough to really dominate the game.

Comparison – He really compares well to a couple players. WalterFootball.com compares him to Houston tight end Owen Daniels. I like the comparison because Daniels is a similar weight and had similar concerns out of college in terms of needing to work on his blocking. However, I also feel like Fleener could be a more productive player in the NFL because Fleener possesses a little more height to challenge for the jump ball. This allows Fleener to attack the middle seam (as he did throughout his 4 season at Stanford) and make plays on deep throws. In this sense, Fleener could develop into a Rob Gronkowski type of player. Now I know Gronkowski is an elite player, but its primarily because of his route running, his size (6’6″, 265 lbs) and his hands. Gronkowski isn’t shifty and he isn’t a burner, he is just a solid, athletic tight end who can maximize matchups. Fleener right now is closer to Owen Daniels in comparison because of what Fleener needs to improve on in the pros, but he has the body to be a Rob Gronkowski player if he bulks up and improves on his blocking (which would translate into more playing time).

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