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Michael Floyd

6’3″ – 224 lbs

Notre Dame

Strengths – Floyd is a big receiver who possesses enough athleticism to be a difference maker at the pro level. He is tall and, at 224 lbs, has the thickness to be a formidable runner after the catch. His speed is certainly enough to find success in the NFL and with his big frame, he is difficult for cornerbacks to bring out in the open field. Floyd runs clean routes and he has solid hands to go along with his leaping ability. His ability to go up and get the ball makes him a dangerous deep threat and and even more dangerous red zone threat. He is hard to defend off the line of scrimmage, in part because of his surprising burst (for his size) but more because of how he uses his hands to fight off press coverage. His size also gives him a tremendous advantage going against smaller defenders. He is a willing blocker and is a very tough receiver who will run all the routes in the game.

Weaknesses – Well, simply put, very few players have great size and incredible speed, and Floyd isn’t one of those of those players. He has solid speed. In fact, he ran a 4.47 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, which shows that he is capable of stretching the field from time to time, but isn’t a speedy deep threat. He uses his size, more than anything, to create the space that he can’t create with his speed. It works, but everyone is looking for the next Calvin Johnson to be their starting, big-play receiver, which Floyd is not, and in all likelihood, will never be. The only big concern is his legal troubles. He was arrested three times during his years at Notre Dame (according to CBS sports) for alcohol use. Those arrests included two underage drinking citations and a DUI arrest in 2010. These character concerns along with a bit of an injury history (broken collarbone – 2009, missed two games for left knee injury – 2008) could affect Floyd’s draft placement.

Thoughts – Floyd is very talented and should be a playmaker in the pros. He is a big, strong receiver who has enough speed to challenge the defense, but not enough to take over a game. He catches well and runs routes well despite his size, which sometimes can directly affect a players quickness when running routes. He is a tough receiver who will do what the coaches want him to do and he has the ability to do it at a high level. Many people see him translating into a solid number two receiver in the NFL given how he seems to lack the elite physical traits. I think he can be very dangerous, but the “limit” on his potential has some truth given how he could potentially “blend into” the surrounding NFL talent.

Comparison – Floyd sort of reminds me of Vincent Jackson. Jackson possesses great size for the position and is fast enough to still challenge defenses, but not enough to take over a game with his speed. When Jackson entered the league in the 2005 NFL Draft, his 40-yard dash was actually clocked at 4.46 seconds, which is only 0.01 seconds faster than what Floyd ran this past February. Both have excellent body control and both have the hands and hops to go up and get the ball at the highest point against defenders who, in most cases, don’t have the size to challenge for it. Jackson wasn’t selected to necessarily be the number one receiver for the Phillip Rivers led Chargers, but he developed into a dynamic receiver who was a frightening weapon in their offense. Floyd has similar physical tools as Jackson and with some coaching, he could develop into a Vincent Jackson like receiver, meaning whoever drafts him may be very happy with their selection in coming years.

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Author: Blaine

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