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Trent Richardson

5’11” – 225 lbs


Strengths – Richardson is as complete a back as there has been since Adrian Peterson left Oklahoma and was drafted by Minnesota back in the 2007 Draft. Richardson is an incredibly strong, powerful and balanced back who is very pro ready because of his experience in the Pro-Style/Pro-Ready Alabama program. He is a built back who appears to be nothing more than a power back at first glance, but offers much more than that. His speed is more than enough to pull away from most defenders and he displayed that through college. He has the ability and willpower to do everything a great back is expected to do as he has proven to be a solid receiver out of the backfield and is a very capable and willing blocker in passing situations. His incredible ability, the quality of the Alabama program in creating NFL players and the fact that he is relatively unused considering he backed up a Heisman Trophy winner in Mark Ingram for two years (only one season of 1st string wear and tear) make Richardson a hot commodity for a team looking for a potential superstar. He did not perform at the NFL combine, but will run drills on March 27th for scouts.

Weaknesses – He doesn’t have many to speak of. He played college behind a strong and talented offensive line which has lead some to think that maybe his 1,600+ rushing yards this past year are a little exaggerated because he simply has to run through a seem to the second level. There are some concerns about his durability due to his physical running style and there are some questions about his straight line speed at the NFL level where defenders are faster and bigger than most college defenders.

Thoughts – I think Richardson is certainly the top back in this draft and has tremendous ability. I think that the combination of speed, power and balance make him a prospect that could turn into something dangerous in the NFL and could make him a star. He does take a beating, but he is built like a truck and his work ethic is unmatched. I think that his experience dominating the most dominating conference in the NCAA proves that he has the ability to be tremendous in the pros.

Comparison – A lot of people are trying to compare Richardson to Adrian Peterson, but I would disagree. Peterson is the best back to come out in years and Richardson is the best since, but I don’t think that Richardson is quite as game-breaking as Peterson. I would make the comparison to Corey Dillon, thelongtime running back of the Cincinnati Bengals. He was a powerful back who is comparable in size and speed as Dillon wasn’t technically a burner in the open field, but he was hard to bring down and was the total package as a running back. I could see Richardson being more like Dillon than Peterson due to similar styles of play while lacking the incredibly rare gifts that AP possesses.

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Author: Blaine

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