RB Lamar Miller Draft Profile

Lamar Miller

5’11” – 212 lbs

Miami (Fla.)

Strengths – His speed. Period. You watch his highlights and you are truly amazed when you see his ability to pull away from defenders in the open field. He looks like a natural runner who is more than capable of scoring on any play thanks to his athleticism. Most sources acknowledge his receiving ability which appears acceptable for a running back. His size is positive given his incredible speed cause the combination makes for an interesting offensive weapon. He is relatively unused as a running back due to his 2009 redshirt and limited playing time in 2010. This means that his body has only experienced the wear and tear of one season as a starter. Considering the short shelf life of a running back, this is a good thing. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.40 seconds at the scouting combine making him the fastest running back at the combine.

Weaknesses – He is raw and pretty unproven. He has started for one year and didn’t do much prior to that and many question his durability despite the lighter workload. He is dangerous due to his combination of size and speed, but his size isn’t enough to simply protect him from the injuries that many speed backs encounter. On top of that, he runs a little upright as a runner in track would (he ran some track while at Miami) and that could expose him to a lot of big hits. With his frame being a little slimmer than that of Trent Richardson that could spell injury problems later on. Miller also wasn’t really expected to pass block often and cbssports specifically states that he “needs extensive technique work in this area.”

Thoughts – Miller is an incredible talent. You simply watch his highlights and become entranced by his speed and break away ability. With that said, the weaknesses of Miller are legitimate. The injury concerns are things that always must be taken into consideration and his inability to block at this point in pass protection makes him more of a one trick pony at least early on in his career. He seems like a change of pace back at this point, but with some coaching and NFL lifting to strength lower leg drive and add some bulk, he could develop into something special. WalterCamp.com made the comparison to LeSean McCoy, which seems accurate when comparing how McCoy was perceived coming out of college as more of a change of pace, scat back as opposed to a traditional runner. Despite the perception, McCoy has made a name for himself as one of the most dangerous running backs in the game

Comparison – The McCoy comparison makes a lot of sense here because he does have a lot of the same skill set. The speed and elusiveness is comparable and the projection for what Miller will be in the pros is similar to what McCoy is to the Eagles. For some reason, I keep thinking of a slightly lighter, slightly faster Willis McGahee. When you watch highlights of both, you see a similar cut and go style with tremendous straight-line speed. The comparison isn’t as clear as the one with McCoy, as McGahee has obviously built himself into a complete back with more of a power running style as his career has progressed.

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