RB David Wilson Draft Profile

David Wilson

5’10” – 205 lbs

Virginia Tech

Strengths – Wilson is a running back that is very elusive, quick and explosive. He has an incredible top speed in the open field and still maintains a physicality about him that makes him hard to bring down. While fellow prospect, Lamar Miller, is as fast and a little heavier, Wilson has a more natural ability to avoid the big hit which may directly correlate to a longer NFL career. He is powerful in his legs and is able to drive defenders during contact. That combined with his tremendous balance makes him a home run threat. He has an ability to make plays out of nothing due to his lateral quickness and ability to stop and start. He also has ability as a returner, which makes him all the more intriguing to NFL teams.

Weaknesses – Wilson is a bit of a one-year wonder. This label can be given to the two running backs that have been ranked ahead of him (Miller and Trent Richardson), yet it still rings true here. He has only been a feature back for one season. He was very effective, but the one-year wonder label still continues to scare NFL teams. He is powerful and fast, but cbssports.com, specifically, questions his ability to run inside due to lacking the, “natural instincts with questionable vision and awareness to feel blocks and press the hole.” There are also some questions about his ability to pass block, which challenges many young running backs out of college. He also seems to try too hard by running east and west to make a play when a short gain would be just fine. In the process, he often times loses large chunks of yards. This will only become a bigger problem in the pros when the defenders are more athletic.

Thoughts – Wilson is very talented. He has speed, but plays with a physicality that makes him even harder to bring down. He also has great balance which is key for a good running back. While he does try too hard at times to make a play, I think he is capable of being a major contributor to the team that drafts him due to his explosiveness. He could make an instant difference in the special teams game with his natural return ability while he learns more about what it takes to be a featured back. Wilson and Lamar Miller have similar skill sets and it will be interesting to see how each fares at the next level.

Comparison – WalterFootball.com made the comparison to Knowshon Moreno. While it may not sound like the most favorable comparison, it fits. When Moreno is healthy (big if), he is an explosive player even in the NFL. He shows power, balance, speed and is difficult to bring down because of the rare combination of all three. These attributes are also shown in Reggie Bush, but not the New Orleans Reggie Bush, but the Miami Dolphins version. Bush has changed his running style to more of a power running style, which is something I could see Wilson replicating in the pros because Wilson possesses many of the explosive qualities of Bush’s game and runs with the power, balance and speed that Bush displays in Miami.

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